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Probably beaten to death... · 11:16pm Sep 28th, 2018

I kinda wonder if the Sirens were incomplete.

The theory (a Siren theory!) starts with the name structure the three sirens have. It's an Italian musical term followed by something to do with light. Pretty simple.

Adagio is a slow and stately tempo, reflecting her cool and efficient leadership style and longer-term planning.

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I normally have some sort of cute or funny achievement to give people for one of my works. Having experienced the worst depression I've ever been through coupled with a string of anxiety attacks while also experiencing homelessness, I can confirm that depression to the point of suicidal inclinations is no joke. I am literally only alive today because of my girlfriend choosing to be with me and keeping my depression from spiraling into suicide. I'm glad you're enjoying my story, please spread the word to everyone you know that depression is a real problem and there are resources if someone finds themselves in that particular place emotionally.

Thanks for the favorite on Sunset in Azeroth!

Didn't want to ruin the puns, but I want you to know I love you :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you very much for favoriting my story "Full Circle"! I really appreciate it!

Thank you for favouriting The Worst of All Possible Worlds! I appreciate the support! :raritywink:

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