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This story is a sequel to The Great And Powerful Protege

This drabble was a stream of semiconciousness that my addled brain produced whilst reading ponies and wishing I had good, strong coffee rather than instant.
This is not intended to be accurate to the show, since it's a sequel to a parody...
This may qualify as an entry into Ocalhoon's 250k contest.

This was hammered out in my ancient qwerty smartphone. All the good stuff is mine, all the bad stuff is Trixie's fault.

Cover art by the paragon on deviant art

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I read that as The Great and Powerful Fist Fight.

6954849 that would probably have been a better fiction. :rainbowlaugh:

I seem unable to like using the thumbs up, so I shall like with this comment instead.

And here I was expecting an actual magic lesson from Luna to Trixie. I should have known better. But even though 90% of the story is Trixie screaming across all of Equestria, it does manage to be entertaining at times. (And not a bad touch of technical skill, making all the mane 6's reactions recognizable without needing dialog tags.) The Appleoosa scenes in particular were pretty entertaining. And that last line was priceless! Really, the whole story is worth it just for that last line.

A review for ocalhoun's big 250k contest.
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Just what I expected, hilarity ensured! :rainbowlaugh:

Love the references!

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