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par·tic·u·lar pə(r) tikyələr/ adjective - 1. used to single out an individual member of a specified group or class. 2. especially great or intense.

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If You Could Paint A Picture Of Any Scenery You’ve Seen Before, What Would You Paint? · 8:44pm Jul 11th, 2019

For me it would probably be something in Zion National Park. Something about the enchanting waterfalls and huge, sheer rock canyon walls speaks to me in a way and if I was so artistically gifted I'd attempt to capture that beauty. The wildlife alone is a sight to behold.

It really is a wonderful place to visit!

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Hey there, thanks for watching and faving. I have a new project in the works so keep an eye out for that... As soon as I stop procrastinating and have the time to work on it.

Thanks for faving Death march to equestria and thanks for the follow :D

Thank you so much for the watch, and for adding King: The Beginning and Fallen Knight to your favorites, it means a lot to me. :eeyup:

Thank you for the follow and the favorite. :pinkiehappy:

When I saw your username, the first thing i thought of was this: https://ftb.gamepedia.com/Vibrant_Alloy
Just thought I would let you know, just in case you didn't realise that your name is actually a real thing...

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