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I'm more than happy to oblige with more chapters :raritywink:

I'm so glad you enjoy it! :pinkiehappy:

Absolutely. Thank you for writing it.

So far, it's the savagery/real nature of it all. Not much dressing up that I can recall; it's war and ponies are dying in gruesome ways, but that's war. That coupled with Vvulf's stoic demeanor/particular brand of savagery is very much enjoyable. That I like his general norse~ish feeling design is icing on the cake.

I very much look forward to more.

Thanks so much for the fave on The Wolf of War :pinkiehappy:

Can I ask if you have a favorite part/scene so far?

Thank you for making such a compelling/interesting story in Zebrican Warlord. :3

Thank you for watching and may my writings continue to hold your attention!

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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