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Pony with a Pen

Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to not write about ponies. When I have those moments, I write about ponies.

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  • TCelestia Has A Lot of Sex
    No really, Princess Celestia has a lot of sex. Really. Cadance's claims to the contrary are unfounded, wholly false, and her concern over the matter is entirely misplaced. There is absolutely no reason to continue discussing the matter.
    Pony with a Pen · 1.5k words  ·  633  28 · 5.2k views
  • TNock One Up
    So what if it’s been a few hundred years since her last stallion? Celestia still has it. She doesn’t need to prove it to Luna, certainly not by competing with her to bed that handsome new guard. Besides, both sisters know who would get him first.
    Pony with a Pen · 23k words  ·  20  2 · 447 views