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Jet Storm

Writer, pre-reader and a dad to two colts and a filly.

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My origin story

Every hero needs one, but so does a writer.

Hello avid readers,

I am Jet Storm. I am a budding fanfiction writer, who started watching MLP just a couple of months ago with my kids. Whilst waiting for season 7, I've stumbled upon "My Little Dashie the movie". The movie itself was so-so but the fanfic (the original) was inspiring. I then read a few more fanfics, my and the kids favourite being Spider-mane.

I am from Australia, so am inclined to use the Queen's English but will throw in the occasion Aussie slang. So to me, colour is spelt colour, neighbour is neighbour and to summarise my point I don't use summarize.

So what does that mean? An awful lot of reading bloody marks in my writing.

Anyhow, I am enjoying writing "Somepony to love" a Spike fanfic. When you read the story, it's should be pretty obvious which pony that he will end up with put I want to build up the suspense a bit longer. I am in need of an editor.

Thanks, everyone especially to those who read my stories. I do this for you guys, as much as myself.

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Been a minute since I've seen you up and about.

No worries mate. Just returning the favour. Have a great day!

The for following

i really liked that one!!

Yep. She was feeling silly this particular evening. :rainbowlaugh:

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