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As a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash has an image to maintain. So when she claims to have a boyfriend in the form of a pony named Macintosh, and everypony believes her, the only option for her is to make it true.


Written for (and winner of!) the MacinDash Contest 2.0.

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Geez Rainbow, you're supposed to be taking him to the gala, not to the altar. Save that for the after-party. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm very interested in where this goes.

The captain of the Wonderbolts is expecting you now Mac. Don't disappoint a mare like that twice.

Rainbow Dash glanced around. She had not thought that far ahead. She saw a burst of lightning from the cafe sign across the street, saw the clouds being pushed by other pegasi, glanced down at the table…

“Don’t tell me,” Hoops smirked. “His name is Lightning Bolt Cloud Table?”


I love how AJ's like, *shrug*, good luck.

Rainbow bit her lower lip. “Uh…” She slowly rotated so more of her body was visible. “You want some of this?” she asked hesitantly as she reached back and lightly tapped over her cutie mark.

Yeah, I'm with Mac, that was pretty damn hilarious.

Really fun start to this.

When a girl doesn't know about romance and even less about a boy he suddenly find herself in an awkward situation XD

If it was me a buy him something, it's a favor not something else. Then again you will be plotless XD

I like this chapter :pinkiehappy:

When Big Macintosh bucks Rainbow Dash out of a tree in countless stories does it count as bucking a Zap Apple?

7474689 UHHHHHHHHH>>>>>>>>...........


WAIT.. I am confused.. Is this soarindahs or macindash? I don't mind either. ^^' Just wanna know. XD

7475295 It's MacDash. That bit at the end was Soarin and an Earth Pony maid.

You would think "turkey call" would be on Rarity's blacklist of things not to say around her ever again. Let alone say herself. :raritydespair:

It's an original concept, and you are delivering with so much fun, that is hard for me to wait for its completion. XD

What part of this is considered going well??? Applejack better have a good reason for opening her mouth... Wait, Rainbow didn't ask her to being secret did she??? But still, what part of this is considered going well????

When they get marrie??? but... I give up. they can marrie as soon as they want!

XD Love AB!!!

Aw, I was looking forward to the other Wonderbolts, outside of Soarin, getting a look at her coltfriend. Oh well, still a good story. :eeyup:

Dumb-Bell x Marble (Pie) when?

i like the story but, i am confused. Are they getting married or are they planning to? Also, what happen with Soarin and his marefriend after what they did?

:trixieshiftright: Maybe there's room for another stinger…

Just planning to. For now, anyway. :pinkiehappy:
I'm assuming Clean Sweep got pregnant. But that's a different story. :rainbowwild:

Y'know, i was sat here thinking to myself "I really wish this fic would update! I just can't wait for the next chapter!"

And then you posted like...a bazzillian at once and now i both love and hate you. I love you because you gave me this awesome story to read, and i hate you because it's over. :fluttercry:

The love outweighs the hate tho, so no worries!

I gotta say I really enjoyed this story. I like the development of characters, how they were all kept in character, and just a ton of funny extras. My only thing is I feel like Clean Sweep was Applejack without being Applejack. Though if that is my only complaint I must say I liked this story. Great job.

Kek. Best chapter of them all

Good job, Rainbow. Capital work.

Well hey, looks like there's still hope.

Honestly, Soarin, if you are that good with your hooves, just play to your strengths and everything will go swimmingly.

If only I could give this more than one upvote!

There! She caught a glimpse of Soarin’s tail. She slipped through the crowd to see him standing next to a very excited Clean Sweep. Her ears were up, her eyes were bright, and she was smiling as widely as Pinkie Pie, head swiveling to take it all in.

Plus, she's not throwing up, so that's a huge improvement.

Cider just for Dash? Things are looking up.

Hmn, timeskip?

Oh, so not really a timeskip, I misunderstood.

Dumb-bell X Marble, OTP.

Cute story.

I love it. It had humor, character development, and was enjoyable to read. Fav! :rainbowdetermined2: :heart: :eeyup:

Macintosh burst out laughing. He buried his face in the crook of his foreleg, laughing uproariously. He eventually regained somewhat of a hold of himself, looked up, met Rainbow’s eyes, and then burst out laughing again.

Even if that was indeed hilarious, Big Mac is soo dead.
Seriously, I'm surprised that RD let him trot away on four hooves.:rainbowdetermined2:

Well Rainbowdash, you got yourself into this mess, and dragged Applejack's brother with ya.

7471682 Big Mac never agreed to anything. Rainbowdash is the one getting him involved in matters he never had a say in.

Well, that was really well done from start to finish. I loved the slight cluelessness of Rainbow Dash as well. That's an interpretation I've never seen before. I was wondering why each chapter had so few comments, but now I see that the whole story was posted over a very few days. Still, I don't see why this one hasn't gotten more love. It definitely earned two thumbs up from me! :pinkiehappy:

Actually, this 'Marble' is one of the castle statues, not the Pie.


Something's wrong! I can only upvote once! :pinkiegasp:
Have a 'stash instead. :moustache:


I know. That's why I put the "Pie" in parentheses. It was supposed to mean "If he liked that marble, I wonder how he would like the mare Marble".

Oh, I get it now. I jumped to a conclusion without all the facts. Sorry about that. :ajsleepy:

I have got to see a Dumb-Bell / Marble ship after this. :rainbowlaugh:


A short but fun read.

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