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Welcome! This is the Assembly of Story Reading, here you may promote stories; get writing advice; or anything else story related.

Want to make a Crossover with a game? Talk about it here. Want to make a sad-fic and you're not sure how a certain thing should be? Ask for help, someone is bound to know something about it. Need to find a story to review? Look through the folders, or threads, someone is bound to want a review... at one point or another.

Add stories to the folders, whether they are yours or some random person you found while surfing about, it doesn't make much difference.

The purpose of this group is to collect, and, possibly, promote stories for readers. New and old, we hope to amass the largest collection, readers won't be disappointed with our, hopefully growing collection of stories to read.

Now with Contests! Contests will start shortly after the previous one has ended. And anyone can make a contest, but please run it by one of the Admins first. Each contest will have a challenge achieving the challenge will award extra points, but the challenges will be challenging.

As per the rules, just make sure to follow the sites rules.

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