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Designed for stories that sport characters, places, worlds, times, or anything that is not inherently known by watching the show. This group will exist for two main reasons:

1. To welcome stories that are not looked at often simply because they do not have a big name character in the description.
2. Support and cultivate the use of new and original ideas, from new characters to new worlds to new points in time. It is all to easy for a writer to jump into a story knowing that the audience understands its characters and setting. We want expand our horizons and build worlds and stories from the ground up as authors normally do.

This, of course, requires support for all ideas. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Harsh and unproductive criticism is welcomed too! But that means you've open yourself up to the internent equivalent of a Canterlot political debate, and those last for hours, you damn, dirty troll.

Um... what else goes in these descriptions...
Self Promotion: Sure, why not. It's main reason people join these things anyway.

Promoting others: Just do it. How else can we welcome and support original and clever, yet unfortunately overshadowed, stories?

Rules: Don't be an ass. I'm not prejudice against donkeys, just be chill bro, gal, and/or self-defined.

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