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This group is for people of all fandoms that fall in the nerd category, If you want to write an original MLP Science fiction or fantasy that's great! You want to write a Firefly, Battle star Gallactica, or Game of thrones MLP crossover? Just as good! Just make sure it's in the MLP universe EG is ok too. I'm gonna try and make the rules short and have as few as possible.

1. Obey the rules of Fim fiction self explanatory.

2. Respect your fellow artists. Hate attacks in comment's or any kind of personal attack will get you banned from the group. I want this to be a group where we can get along and share a love of reading, writing and My little pony. After all don't we get enough hate from anti bronies? :facehoof:

3. Add your stories to the right folder.

4.Don't spam the forums please.

5. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is ok but if you just want to complain about how much you hate the story then don't leave a comment. As writers we want to get better at what we do and criticizing without giving advice does nothing but damage moral.

6. Tag your stories properly and if it has content such as Incest, Foalcon or other more specific controversial topics please put a warning label. I'm not going to ban it but please just make sure someone who doesn't want to read that won't stumble on it.

That's all and welcome!

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