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This is a group for all those people who don’t fit in. A group for those that sing in public. Who dance in spite of the fact that people are watching. Who talk and act out their stories in real life.

This is a group for all the so-called weird people.

Weird People Unite!

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Gnarl #337 · Sunday · · ·

I like to think I'm okay with them but ultimately, if you're good or not is decided by your readers and their feed back.

would like to ask (and yes I know most of these turn to shit) how are you guys with HIE stories?

lol, seeing this old gary mods stuff reminds me of half life, which makes me think of freemans mind......i should rewatch that, the voice pack from it i use for xcom 2 kills me every time freeman cusses out an alien

Quick question.... What's the best way to writer, 1st person or 3de person?.

Comment posted by ponybird21 deleted Aug 13th, 2017

Meh nothing to worrie about....I'm heading home, my friend is driving me said something about pony's and clowns....didn't really listen.

Nothing wrong with that. I think....

I'm a little drunk...just a little.

Why are you apologising?

Well, on that note I'm gonna head to bed. :twilightsmile: I'll talk with ya tomorrow Sanguine. have a good night. :twilightsmile:

no worries we all forget the simple stuff now and again. :twilightsmile:

Doctor Seuss, cat in the hat. :twilightsmile:

come on there thing o and thing two. Wing nut here can't explain everything to ya.

Hey! :twilightangry2:

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