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Hello, and welcome to The Group for Anything and Everything!

No, seriously. It’s a group for whatever you want, as long as you follow site rules, as well as the group rules.
Talk about anything you want in the forums, as long as it’s not NSFW.
Post any story you want, as long as it’s in the correct folder, and is not posted in more than 3 folders.
And have fun!

There’s a Rules thread in the forums, if you want to go check that out to make sure you’re all clear on what is/isn’t allowed, or jump right in and post a story!

Edit: There seems to be some issues with adding stories to folders (especially when they don’t have stories already in them) so you have to manually add them.
-Go to your story
-Click on the little arrow in the top right corner
-Hit “Add to Groups”
-Select the group and folders

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