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Writing too much at one time, and lots of AUs. What can I say? I'm crazy.

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Lateverse Stories

  • The Elements of Randomness Amethyst Star (also known as Sparkler) is a unicorn who lives in Ponyville. She's the librarian for the Golden Oaks Library, and loves to read. But when she reads about the possibility of a huge threat to Equestria, she's not one to just sit idly by. by Razor Blade the Unicron 22,229 words · 499 views · 36 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Names While going to deliver an extremely important parcel to Ponyville, Twilight realizes that she never found out the name of the unicorn who found the sixth Element of Harmony. Logically, she asks her. by Razor Blade the Unicron 1,097 words · 149 views
  • Flying, Not Gliding (AU Lateverse) In the midst of Limestone and Fleetfoot preparing to move to Ponyville, it turns out that the breezie migration is going straight through Ponyville. And for Twirly, that spells an upcoming disaster. by Razor Blade the Unicron 2,177 words · 116 views
  • Missing Harmony Princess Celestia throws a Hearth's Warming party, inviting Amethyst and her friends - along with others. But when ponies suddenly go missing, something has to be done before they all disappear. by Razor Blade the Unicron 1,523 words · 63 views

Shadow-Dashverse Stories

  • The Second Pony in Space Nightmare Moon was the first pony in space. The next documented pony in space was Princess Celestia, from when she had been sent to the sun when Nightmare Moon returned. There was a pony before Princess Celestia who went into space, but who? by Razor Blade the Unicron 3,979 words · 1,839 views · 92 likes · 7 dislikes
  • The First Pony to Time Travel Without a Spell Rainbow Dash has returned to Equestria, and nothing makes sense. She knows the pegasus that visited her, but if Rainbow had been gone for ninety two years, she should be dead. And she knows that purple unicorn, but she should be an alicorn. by Razor Blade the Unicron 33,577 words · 2,006 views · 117 likes · 2 dislikes
  • The Second Pony to Become an Alicorn Rainbow Dash has become an alicorn Princess, but there's still so much that she needs to do. A cutie-mark-removing unicorn, out of control vines that even Discord can't stop, and a power-hungry centaur are just the start. by Razor Blade the Unicron 13,178 words · 816 views · 44 likes · 5 dislikes

Quick Little Note · 9:54pm November 3rd

Haven't been updating much on here, but I have been on my DeviantArt account! Mostly pieces relating to the Lateverse, but sometimes other things. There's a quick example of some of the things I make: