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Nightmare Moon was the first pony in space. The next documented pony in space was Princess Celestia, from when she had been sent to the sun when Nightmare Moon returned. There was a pony before Princess Celestia who went into space. She was undocumented. Who?

This is the first story in the Shadow-Dashverse.

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Hmm, a very interesting AU indeed! You really should expand upon this, it deserves a expansion.:twilightsmile:

Fucking brilliant 10/10 would rate again

Well, that was interesting... also, time travel? Well I guess that makes sense, but still...

In the immortal words of Miles O'Brien, "I hate temporal mechanics."

Too many plot holes. I think this needs a second chapter rather than a sequel to explain the holes.
The biggest one for me is Fluttershy.

Aside from the holes, it's simple but good.

Tons of plot holes, and your science is entirely wrong. Is this a parody of something?

First off, wings don't work at all without atmosphere. Whether bird or airplane, the function of a wing is the same: push down so much air that the wing is pushed up. Every action (air being pushed down) has an equal and opposite reaction (plane/pony pushed up). Without air, you don't have that.

Another thing is Luna and RD racing on the moon. Did Luna expand the bubble or something so it was big enough RD could fly, or did RD somehow magically scoot herself around in the vacuum by flapping her wings hard? You should clarify how the hell this is working. Hell, I'd call it "a space hamster ball", since that's a pretty hilarious mental image. Like she flaps her wings and the ball goes where she's aiming or something.

Third, and this one is from Kerbal Space Program, is that you don't get to another planetary body (like the moon) by going up, you do it by going fast. So fast that you fall towards the Earth at a slower rate than you go out from it. Every mile, the ground drops something like 7 feet (don't quote me on this), and if you fall less than 7 feet (or whatever the ground drop actually is) per mile, you're in orbit. So did Rainbow Dash really speed herself up to over 6.5 miles per second? That's how fast she'd have to be going to attain an orbit which went out to the distance of the moon (that's our moon, however, since I've got no idea on Pony World's moon size and distance).

So really, is this a parody, dude? The end is pretty funny if it is.

I'm willing to forgive the flight in space stuff. A pegasus wouldn't be able to fly irl anyway, so it is reasonable to believe that she propels herself with magic.

But there are still plenty of other problems.

You are aware that you're talking about science in a world of cartoon horses and literal magic, right?
Also, when Luna and Rainbow were racing on the moon, Luna changed it from a bubble to essentially a cover; Rainbow was just encased in her magic.
Finally, this isn't a parody. I have no idea what this could even be a parody of!

I don't get the time thing. she went missing for 90something years and Fluttlershy is what age again??? how??? considering ponies age at a slow rate, still don't make any sense to me.

Before reading , considering art I'm assuming it's either fluttershy or pinkimena

One word. MOAR.

I have only 2 reasonable answers to this.
First: When she was younger she was in 10th century (let's say after Luna's banishment) after she did Sonic Rainboom, she somehow traveled through time itself and end up in past, to be precise to the 9th century. After that she grew up and went to a space, Even if it is ridiculous. Her acceleration must be unreal without any boosters and I don't know if she would be capable of handling all those G's (even if she did Sonic Rainboom) + When you are in space, there is the vacuum, no air = no flying with wings, but that was explained by TheMWord.
Get frozen and with miracle hit the moon,(which is also unlikely) get saved by Luna and befriend her. After that she teleported her to the equestria. Chance to find somepony that knows her (as a friend) is so slim that it nearly impossible, because:
1. Doctors don't have reports about her when she was in Cloudstale living as a filly.(They didn't say she was in Cloudstale in some years of her young.)
2. She was frozen 92 years + she spent 2 years on the moon. That means everypony who was alive in 9th century that knew her is probably dead (I don't know their livespawn).
3. She was living her 9th century's years in Las Pegasus. I don't know how they can know her in Ponyville.
I don't need calculator to know chances to find some friend in Ponyville are within' absolute zero.

Second: That whole scene was happening only in her head. I mean, when she was flying over Sweet Apple Acers, she knocked herself out and fall in some kind of coma and loose some memories. She was there whole night, so she was cold.

I would rather belive second answer, even when I know RD is capable of great things but flying without air is plain impossible and I hate that simple answer, that every one brony like to use explain certain impossible things... Magic.

I am not saying this is bad. Don't let this discourage your work. I really enjoyed whole story and I hope it isn't one-shot. :twilightsheepish:

Alright, here's what I got. Rainbow has been missing for 92 years; I assume she was in stasis for most of these, as she has not aged biologically. She spent at least 2 extra years with Luna on the moon, but was sent back before the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration. I assume that this is when she travelled in time. Have I got that right?

But what I don't know or understand is exactly how far forward or back she travelled, or whether she went to an entirely alternate universe. The sequel gives credence to this Dash landing in an alternate universe, but that does not explain how Luna still knows her. Unless... Luna has also entered this alternate universe. And if she's really been missing for 92 years, how does Fluttershy know her from Flight School? Shouldn't Fluttershy be really old? So, in the end, I'm really confused.

Doesn't stop this from being a good story, though. I'd just like some explanations.

Minor grammar errors to boot!

Well of course it makes sense that fluttershy hasn't aged.

She's a vampire 'nods'

Eh...I mean, sure, magic is a thing there, but the laws of physics still work. It's like the lake that was frozen completely in Soul Reaver 2 that Rae took the time out of the video to explain!

The explanation starts at 13:37 and goes until 16:27. So...explanation please? I mean, sure, I like the story, sure, its a fun read, but...I would still like an explanation. So, if you could offer one, it would be much appreciated.

I wrote this thing 2 years ago, I can barely remember why I did anything. :twilightsheepish:

A meteor struck Rainbow's side, and she began spinning out of control. She heard a small cracking sound, and her helmet formed a crack across it. Her suit held for the most part, but her wing encasements had a section of metal torn off.

Well that is... Incredibly unlucky. Considering the vastness of space, and since Equestria doesn't have any artificial satellites, the chance of something like that happening is next to zero

Luna continued to look at the pegasus, until something made her gasp again. A large meteor was heading towards the pegasus. If she was hit by it, she would surely be destroyed. Luna couldn't let this happen. She could see that the pony had a word forming on her mouth: help .

Oh my god, Rainbow Dash' ego has to be big enough to have its own gravitational pull for that to happen twice in just a century.

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