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Glad you stopped by, but I don't know how much longer I'll stay...

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Rest Now.. · 7:28am January 15th

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been offline more often than usual. Well, I still have to try to adjust to this new life I have here, and it’s worse with this ban I have on certain devices.

Anyway, sorry to say that you’ll have to expect less updates on my submitted stories and no new stories from me anytime soon.

I’ll come back when I’m ready. But for now, I’ll rest.

Let’s a certain someone run free for a while... (Please do not mind this, I’m just feeling cryptic today)

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Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of betraying the fandom anytime soon. I’m just not too active on the website.

Are you still there? Don’t think of giving up on the fandom, hmm?

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Age: 12
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Favourite background pony: Vinyl scratch
Favourite ship: Twidash
Hobbies: Piano, Violin, Badminton, Hockey, Drawing, Reading

Ever had something bad happen to you? No need to be physically. More of the type of useing your element against you. I am... was loyal to my best Friend. I should have seen it coming. Someone I liked to consider family, they're gone. I don't expect you to care, yet bother about this, I just tell this for no reason. But I'll give you this.

Be selective of your friends. What I consider a good friend is one who will never hurt you. At least, not on purpose. If time's running out, have fun while it lasts.

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