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These past years had been a life-changeing experience for two little ponies. Two very different ponies, yet two best friends. Until an incident puts their friendship out of balance, driving the two apart. None of them could look at the other in the eye since then. And they never talked with each other unless it was absolutely necessary.

Now everything's back to square one, except none of them forgot what happened, they never will. The incident left both wounded which turns to a scar. Unlike bruises, scars don't always fade. It'll always be there to remind you of what happened. And unlike wounds, scars don't hurt. Not anymore.

But what will happen when somepony makes an unexpected decision when both are still recovering? Will they both suffer from being apart, or will they keep in touch, and maybe pull through?

Edit: Changed Title.

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There was one secret that Rainbow Dash had kept from her friends, one that they could never believe. A secret that gives a certain villan a chance to destroy their friendship, and the elements.

What happens when somepony finds out about this secret?

Inspired by all Rainbow Dash changeling stories. <~ BIG spoiler that will be spoiled in the first chapter.

Takes place between Season 4 Finale and Season 5 Premiere.

Edit: Added the tag 'Alternate Universe' because the story ingnores the season 6 finale canons.

Edit 2: Ignores canons from the episode "Parental Glidance".

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Twilight and her friends are on a camping trip, setting up tents, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories. But one specific story Twilight tells may not just be a work of fiction.

It was a story her mother once told her about a pony she has never seen in years. And still hasn't. She disappeared fourteen years ago, on this very day. But Twilight thinks it's not real. Is it?

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The Rainbow Dash they know is brash, confident and loyal, but when they're not in sight, another Rainbow takes control. That other Rainbow isn't all that confident, in fact, she has so less confidence in herself, she kills herself slowly everyday.

Little by little, the toys she plays with nibbles away her will to live along with her life as well until finally, her friends interrupt this routine.

Art does NOT belong to me.

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I wanted to do better than the original story I wrote. It will be a little different this time, hopefully. (This might have a sequel if you chose the right choice.) Click here to see the original .

Rainbow Dash tried to prank the entire town but Pinkie had an idea to prank her back. A lot of things go wrong, just because of a lesson Rainbows' friends tried to teach her.

Edit: Sequel on hiatus.

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This is my opinion on what could have happened in the episode '28 pranks later '... (this is my very first story so there might be some mistakes)

Rainbow Dash has turned the entire town into cookie-eating zombies who want to teach her a lesson. Rainbow can't help but feel guilty, she basically killed everypony. But the problem is, she pays for a tragedy that didn't even happen...

Note: rated teen for Death only. And if you don't like character deaths, please don't read it.

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