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General gamer. A Klonoa and Gran Turismo/Daiki Kasho fan, and the original concept creator of Super Rainbow Dash.


The Super Rainbow Dash fanfic, as written by her concept creator.

The follow-up to this fic can be found here: "Harmonic Retribution ~HERO~"


The Elements of Harmony. The most powerful magic in all of Equestria...

For two times now, they have been wielded by six individual ponies, bound together by the Magic of Friendship, to successfully counter the wicked and chaotic ambitions of those who sought to conquer the world.

Yet, for all their usefulness, these magical artifacts still remain a mystery to most of ponykind. Perhaps the most important question is, was it really the full potential of them that was displayed by the wielders? Or is there simply more than what meets the eye?

When Rainbow Dash recieves an updated version of the book focusing on the Elements of Harmony and reads its new chapter that tells of a special incident that supposedly happened eons ago, soon, a series of events happen afterward. Events which ultimately culminate in Rainbow Dash discovering her true destiny, as well as discovering what she really holds inside in her very own soul...


As this fic was started in 2012, the setting of it is after the events of the Canterlot Wedding, and therefore ignores most of season 3 and 4 while keeping some of what was revealed about the Elements of Harmony in those seasons intact, including the Tree of Harmony.

The main theme of this fic, as well as the theme of Super Rainbow Dash, is Daiki Kasho's "5OUL ON D!SPLAY" from Gran Turismo 5/6/Sport/7.

Super Rainbow Dash concept and design by me. Conceptualized in the summer of 2011, pre-dating Hasbro's Rainbow Power forms.

The short animation on YouTube by TehJadeh.
Fanart collection.

Cover art by DomesticMaid and me.

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FIRST! AND MY FIRST FIRST! I'll read it later!

:( People posting firsts. This was really interesting, I'm considering reading it just I'm not the biggest fan of just this type of story :derpytongue2: . will see based on how it develops.

Also, tragedy might want to be included in the categories :twilightsmile:

You had me at Dragonforce.:pinkiehappy:
But seriously, good writing, looks promising. Tracked.

Well, you can see the synopsis on my blog here if you're further interested. =)

To everyone else, critiques are open, btw, so lay it all on me if you got a problem with the writing in this. I'll do my best to improve.

Okay, I'm interested to see how Twilight Sparkle turned bad and is now working with Discord. :twilightoops:

Super Dashie?
Godlike power?
Mother of Celestia, It's like It's a fanfic written just for me.

this looks like its gonna be a big fic and it looks very interesting, i like it :D

lol, I didn't really have Dragonforce in mind when I wrote that title. =P
My main music theme for this fic, btw, is "5OUL ON D!SPLAY" from Gran Turismo 5. It's my theme for Super Dash as well.

I liked this for the title of the chapter, i havent even read it yet :pinkiehappy:

495947 Through the fire and flames is a dragonforce song. Although, I would more expect it to be the ONLY thing in Fluttershy's iPod.

I don't like this. I mean, Rainbows Personality makes me . . . neutral to liking her. I mean the arrogance and boasting is too much, you know? I read this, it just furthers the dis-like. I had no problem with it until I recently got in to an argument with another brony about Rainbow. The obnoxious bastard kept annoying me by saying "the Rainbow Dash show" over and over. But you know people like her and that's okay. I just don't like how people only focus on her and say that she is better then everyone and she is a god like and what not. But yeah, it's okay if people like her, I just don't like supercilious attitudes.

I understand and respect your opinion. I'm guessing you don't like a certain blue hedgehog for that reason as well? (Other than the bad games, of course)

Dammmn! This is going to be awesome. When will the next come out. NEED MOARRRRR:twilightangry2:

496061 Heh, Actually I was crazy for him. Trust me, When I was a kid I dreamt of being a mixture of him and Shadow the hedgehog. But I was too young to know an internet fanbase of them. Now that I am older, well, I just see so many songs and pics that just say "Rainbow Dash is best pony" and other things. Just that one guy got to me. I realized that I do have a problem with the attitude of her? I mean what makes her great? she thinks that she is better, the first to criticize her friends, and the first to say something good about herself. I think Twilight is better, because if they fought, you know, who would win?Twilight of course. And plus, she showed up a boaster like Trixie and kept humble about it. But I know why Lauren Faust pushed the athletic one. A girl who is the fastest basically fights the egotistical male society and their sexist traits. But when I saw that RD vs Starscream video, I cheered for Rainbow of course. Again, not hating just expressing my distress because of another brony who pissed me off.

I am certainly interested in this story, as I've been trying to keep an eye on the earlier series (and I like the idea of a pony having a kickass super form).

The interest here starts with you jumping right into the action, and probably going back into the past in later chapters and covering what happened; I really enjoy stories like that, well planned, good sir. :yay:

i already like it
kinda gives me more to think on
ima fave and thumb up

I'm not sure it's right, but at this point I'm more interested in psycho-Twilight than super-Rainbow. This is saying something, since I subscribe to Rainbow Dash is best pony.

Looks very interesting so far. Although Rainbow Dash is only #3 in my personal ranking (behind Applejack and Fluttershy), her super form is definitely kickass. :ajsmug:

Can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

Eh...I really feel like I could do better with this scene... I dunno. What do you think?

If you agree with that, don't hold back. Constructive feedback is open, and will be until the day I submit this to EqD.

Super Rainbow?

...I may have to read this.

Eh. Twi and Dash seem way too OOC for my taste, and RD has more than a bit of Mary Sue going on.

I like what I see. Unfortunately I am tired so I must go to bed but I will be sure to definitely check out this story tomorrow. Seems like this is a story I will WANT to read.

The story is still being written.
This story is still going to be written.
I don't see any problems in this. If there were any, I wouldn't even care. Just please, please, write more! No matter how long it takes, just please!


That picture is awesome!

Let me quote something from my DA journal:

Having a beef with Dash being the solo heroine and saving the world by herself counts as being more destructive to me, really, as are claims and fears of her being a Mary Sue. Trust me, she WON'T be one. I personally share the opinion of everything having imperfect flaws of their own, and as such, I know what I'm doing. Besides, Super forms may be godlike in some cases, but even so, as the laws of fiction have shown us, there's always going to be someone or something either more powerful or having certain abilities that make the Super form useless, even stripping the user of the Super form alone. And then, there's the fact that if you don't know how to use the power well, then you may as well lose to the antagonist. I think you'll be seeing a bit of that during Super Dash's battle with Burning Twilight, really.

'nuff said.

Huh, pretty good so far, I will be looking forward to the next. :twilightsmile:

Wait, Did AJ just attempt to commit suicide?
Either way, how could RD NOT be the chosen one? They couldn't have made it clearer without having her cutiemark being the words "You Are The Chosen One" written on her flank.

Suicide? Uh, no. Something or somepony caused the fire, not her. She just didn't want Dash to get caught in the fire and end up having the same potential fate as her.

Seemed fine to me. I guess my only issue is that there is no explanation for sweet apple acres going ablaze (not yet anyway) because its just annoying to me when something happens without any real explination.

I know. It's going to be explained in the next chapter, don't worry.

But that's not what I was disappointed about. It's the writing itself; I could've worded some parts of it better.

Hoo, boy.

I wanted to like this fic, but the dialogue is... off. Really off. The characters all sound like they're from Power Rangers, which may not be inappropriate given the subject matter, but they do not sound like Twilight and Rainbow Dash at all.

I get the feeling you just wanted to write about how awesome Super Dash is, and that's why you went in medias res for the prologue.

Hmm, looks like this fic is going to suffer the same case as "My Little Dashie," then. I know some people who found Dash to be OOC in that, yet that fic is popular and ended up on EqD.

So really, what can you do? This is a big fanbase after all, perhaps the biggest one I've been in. And with such a big fanbase comes several different intepretations of how the Mane Six should act. Same goes to the Elements of Harmony themselves as well, how they work and all.

As far as I'm concerned, Dash IS in-character to me, in the prologue. Maybe a little bit calmer and more caring than she usually is, but I believe that's what happens when you finally give in and show both kindness and generosity, as this fic will show.

As for Twi... Hello? Discord has the power of hypnotizing? Have some of you already forgotten about that? O_o

tl;dr: Not everyone can be pleased, and don't expect everything as exactly how you imagined or exactly like the show. Even then, the show itself has some contradictions of its own. Not surprising, though, since its originally supposed to be a show for little girls.

Oh, and did I mention that I had the idea of Super Dash in my head for a year now? Should be evident by my large collection of her on DA, really. =P

'bout time people realized that rainbow dash is best pony. javascript:smilie(':pinkiehappy:');


Patience, my friend. Patience... =)

Okay. I just don't want to take Asia off the map.

And suddenly Chrysalis is in this story? Does this mean that you're any closer to putting up a new chapter?

If you read one of my earlier blogs on here, then you'll know that I've been posting parts of each chapter on my DA page as I progress further. Part 1 of "Honesty" is already up on my DA page, and has been there for a month now.

As for your question, yes, Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings will appear as supporting antagonists. Since she was able to overpower Celestia using the energy stolen from the love of Shining Armor alone in the season 2 finale...yeah, it should be obvious on how Discord breaks free in this fic.

And yeah, I'm actually very close to finishing this chapter in whole. Just gotta do one last important scene where Dash's honesty is put to the test.

Stay tuned.

1519591 Nice, but I'd rather wait for the whole chapters.

On a side note, I'm actually hoping to see Queen Chrysalis getting tossed by Discord. It's partly because I don't like the changelings, partly because I don't see the goals and motivations of Queen Chrysalis and Discord (and Nightmare Moon, not that that's relevant here) meshing well together, but also because I don't see the changeling queen being in the same tier of villains as the other two.

Yes! Its about time rainbow got a time to shine! She is my favoret pony! :yay:

An update
This chapter was amazing, love the storyline
keep it up, it's a great read no matter how long it takes

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: more!!! it's such ashame this doesn't get updated often

Blame my procrastination over the summer for the slow pace. >_>;
Hopefully, I'll get this fic done before 2013 starts...though, I doubt it with the Wii U coming out this month. <_<;

1548895 here's hoping, also i hope you don't procrastinate next saturday when season 3 starts :scootangel:

If we can get her out of the picture, it will render the Elements of Harmony inoperable, and then no one can stop us from reviving him.

The changelings are actively trying to free Discord? Maybe you and I have different interpretations of these two villains. The changelings swarm is only concerned with its survival and proliferation. Because of that, they are no more sympathetic to their prey than the typical predator.
But from my perspective, Discord only does what he does for shits and giggles, for funsies. That being said, I can imagine him looking at the swarm and seeing a box of toys for his amusement (when he's bored with the thousands upon thousands of other toys Equestria has lying around).

That being said, I look forward to seeing how this plays out, what motivation Chrysalis has for bringing him back, and how Discord is going to interact with her. Either that or I've completely misinterpreted that line.

Hm, I could go two ways with that. On Chrysalis' motivation for freeing him.

1. Either Chrysalis thinks Discord would make a valuable ally to her, using his chaos to make it easier for the Changelings to prey upon the ponies.
2. Or she thinks she can control Discord in the same way she did to Shining Armor.

But you definitely read my mind when you said you wanted to see her getting tossed away by him, 'cause that's exactly what's going to happen. =P So in the end, her motivation really doesn't matter as long as she frees Discord.

Discord was always going to be the main antagonist alone of this fic from the start. I just needed to find a way to free him, and seeing Chrysalis overpower Celestia sealed the deal for me. =)

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