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Let's start a Twidash Revolution!

A place for members to read and add Twidash, as well as hang out on forums with awesome people. :rainbowdetermined2:

We're just a group of friends on a mission!

Thank you to all of those who participated in the Group Contest for April. :twilightsmile:

We apologize for the cancellation of the second one. The folder holding the already submitted stories will be kept. No reason for all that hard work to go to waste!

Ava (That's me!) is holding a mini-contest, open to all. Participate or die. :twilightsheepish:

Also, check out Twidashforever's ambitious project. He can't do it alone. For TwiDash! :rainbowkiss:
Canon TwiDash (Season 1)

Bassie's general discussion thread is for fun. No need to limit conversation to Twidash. :twilightsmile:

Da' Rulez

Because everything needs rules to an extent! :pinkiehappy:

Rule #1. Please abide by the general site rules above all else. Do you want to be The Dude? Well, The Dude abides. :ajsmug:

Rule #2. Don't be a buttnugget, please. We have a mission, as bronies, to make the world a little more like the paradise that is Equestria each day by treating each other with kindness and respect. For that reason, I will not tolerate buttnuggetry in my group, nor should anyone else. Examples of buttnuggetry include, but are not limited to, all of the following: Harassing other members, plagiarizing the work of others, leaving rude comments on forums, ganging up on some one(Even if they deserve it), and disliking a story based purely on premise. I can't enforce that last one, but I would like to encourage you all to read a story(or at least try) before you decide it sucks.

Rule #3. This here is more of a guideline, than an actual rule. Post what you believe to be the best of the best when it comes to Twidash. This is subjective, which is something I like to see. There's no judging or bureaucracy here. You may add any story you deem worthy of being "The best of the best," and no one will remove it unless it is a plagiarized work. Also, don't be ashamed to post your own stories. Everyone self-promotes. :raritywink:

Rule #4. Another thing I cannot enforce, let's abolish the dislike button from our minds. Look up to rules 2-3, now back at me, 2-3, aaaand back to me. Sense a pattern? Good is subjective. Just because we don't like something doesn't mean it's not the "bee's knees" to someone else. Why make an author feel bad by putting their story down with a simple thumb? We've all been on the opposite end of that thumb, and it's not a happy place to be. Do you know what I see in a poorly written fic? Potential. Limitless potential. Don't dislike stories posted here, please. Just give them some constructive advice that may help them in the future.

Rule #5. Poetry and art. I love it! :pinkiehappy: If you've got Twidash poetry and art, post it in a forum for us all to see. Don't be shy. I want that to possibly be something that makes this group stand out from all the other Twidash groups. If Surry or I (Or a large group of crazy fans) like it enough, we may just put it up on the front page, feature it, if you will.

Rule #6. Swearing. I'm a sailor. (Literally) Therefore, I have no qualms with a bit of swearing, but keep it classy. :moustache: There's no need to be as colorful as Little Pip with your swearing here, funny as it may be. It can't just "slip out" when you're typing, folks. Sorry.

Rule #7. Have fun. :twilightsmile: That's why I made this group. Hang out, read stories, and have fun doing it.

Rules #1-2, and #6 being the only three rules I can actually enforce, baseball rules apply. 3 strikes, and you're out. No chance for exceptions.

Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the moderators.

Current Moderators: LightningBass94, FrozenInTime, Adda le Blue

Current Admins: Vertorm Open Positions!

Current Contributors: twidashforever (Suspended until further notice), Mia the Zhebra Princess, Timaeus Open Positions!

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Or True Love Never Changes. It may not be TwiDash but its still relevant.

TwiDash is my OTP, because they’re so cute together!!!!

I know I may be Pinkie Pie, but..... TWIDASH IS THE BEST SHIP!!!!!!!!!

412014 Anyone may add a story to the appropriate folders.

407958 15 more in the past 30 weeks. It's slowed down considerably, hasn't it?

398844 It's even older now! Funny how these things work. :derpytongue2:

Hey we r missing an important story

Beyond the Looking Glass

look at the numbers of stories this group has

...blaze it. or not because someone added a new story. This is awkward

364944 Great Scott, Harry! We have to go back!

This is my first group here. So far it's as awesome as it looks!

Me and my army supports this group.:pinkiesmile: Hope you enjoy the extra firepower.

364867 Hay, you're the one who killed her in your story. I could barely stand reading True Love Never Dies.

364661 If Shattered Dreams isn't enough for you, try The Things we Leave Behind. Twilight's dead in that one too.

364658 You will not escape the TwiDash!!!

364655 Same principal, but if you want to be so uptight, go check out Shattered Dreams. Twi's dead in that one.

364209 Read True Love Never Dies and then tell us that excuse! :rainbowlaugh:

364155 Or, alternatively, you could make the story Twidash. :ajsmug:

364096 364008 It's being taken care of. Thank you for notifying us.

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