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My army. · 6:52am Jan 15th, 2014

My personal suit:









(Multiply by 5)







Warning:Do not watch if you are sensitive to gore:

Lima: All LoL champions.I couldn't find a good picture so this will have to do.













No complaining about how they can be effective. My soldiers, my rules.



And if you try to escape on a nearby planet:

Our war songs:

Report watermane2000 · 2,666 views ·
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Comments ( 84 )

Anyone who messes with you is well and truly screwed.

Please don't ask about the squad names cuz it an't my fault the military uses these names.You wanna see?Click on the link.

I think I might love you.

1751640 ummmmmm thanks?I think I need to hide behind Golf squad for bit.

Is that a mod for ME3 that lets you have all of those companions, or is it just a picture?

1751719 Sorry, that just meant that I think this and the idea itself is absolutely lovely. :twilightsheepish:

1752538 It might be a mod.I don't know,all I know is Foxtrot squad is every ME fanboys dream.

... You are aware half these squads have it in for each other, and at least one is dead set on universal genocide?

1755298 These are clones.They are not the real deal.Except for Aragorn.He is indeed real.
But in all seriousness don't ruin my fun.Please:scootangel::pinkiesad2:


Well, I mean, there's a way to make it work if you ensure they don't cross each other's paths.

Which just leaves the issue of the Reapers. Hm... Perhaps these reapers are the remainder of their fleet after Mass Effect 3, and retreated after taking heavy losses. If they know you know where they are at all times, and that you have the fleet that decimated them the first time in your employ... perhaps they'd be more willing to cooperate. For their survival. Just don't let them multiply.

And for the sake of the universe, don't spend too much time near them...

1755715 well I said they were backup so if all else fails:



Wait, wait, wait, wait...

Backup, like, the primary force is not enough to take on an opponent?

As in, a force has caused significant enough casualties in your heroes to warrant bringing omnicidal maniacs to support your already weakened primary force, who are probably by this point no longer enough of a threat to keep said omnicidal maniacs leashed? In a "if I lose we all lose" catchall?

Man, you're a guy after my own heart! Here's to our new friendship!

What is the army for anyways? Just asking.

1790791 To show my support for stories.

It seems that Juliet and kilo are the best as they only have one person each.

1746117 Betcha a small legion of Adept - Master Necromancer's would ruin his day, any day of the week.

1791904 I have Reapers.........How are necromancers better?

1792947 Because a army of Necromancer's would take control over your Reaver's and turn 'em against you?

1793415 I believe that is the other way way around.

Adding to that necromancers don't have mind control.

1793635 No, but they have deceit, trickery and overall dark powers.

1795183 hmmmm seems legit.....(adds necromancers to army)Your move.

1795224 Paladins, lots and lots of paladins aided by Necromancers.
So Death Knights, basically.

1795294 They're in the background.Behind the necromancer.

1795316 Then i'll just call The Courier, Fawkes and The Lone Wanderer to let 'em take care of you and your army.

1795456 (adds to army)Alright what else you wanna give out?:twilightsmile:

so how do you support stories?

And what does your army do exactly?

1796600 Nah, those'll just stab you in the back, so good job mate.

1799102 Ok I think we're done here.

1799042 Like,Favorite,Put this army up in a comment if it's not finished.
And what the army does is kill the dislikers of that story.Granted this army doesn't really have that much of a purpose but sometimes you just need a little fun,and this army is fun to make and expand upon.

1799242 Plus, you can never fight my army of Twilight Canes!

1799247 you can never fight all of my OC's and win!:pinkiecrazy:

(Yes you can:derpytongue2:)

1832814 Think you can make your OC's with this and their cutie marks with this.I'd like to recruit them if they are good enough.

Comment posted by Emerald Shield deleted Feb 14th, 2014
Comment posted by Emerald Shield deleted Feb 14th, 2014
Comment posted by Emerald Shield deleted Feb 14th, 2014
Comment posted by Emerald Shield deleted Feb 14th, 2014

1834145 ummmm they all look the same on my screen.

1834165 and might I ask on what thing are you watching the pictures, cause if it's an iPad, then you're not the only one, on mine they all look the same, but on my PC they look like they're supposed to

So I advice you to, if possible, take a look at the pictures on a PC

1834203 I am on a PC when I looked at them.Reupload them?:twilightsheepish:

1834341 I will most certainly do that!

Once the time lock on my PC ends at around 12 am tomorrow:facehoof::twilightsheepish:

1834341 I would like you to (once again:twilightsheepish:) meet the Reapers!

first off we have Uriah, the leader of the group
Uriah has the ability to turn into a cyberdog, a jacked up, highly mutated, half organic half machine canine. Uriah is a master dark magician. Uriah is the eldest of the group, clocking in at 1500 years

second we have Overkill, the brawny, impuslive one
Overkill has the ability calles Shifting, Shifting allows Overkill to change the form of his body, picture it as the Hulk's transformation, only more varied. Overkill is the strongest of the Reapers, he is also very adept at using chaos magic.

third we have Hell Hound, the Reapers' scout
Hell Hound has the ability to turn into a fiery wolf, Hell Hound is very adept at normal magic.
despite being the second oldest of the group (clocking in at 1300 years) he is also the weakest, because while Overkill is impulsive, Hell Hound is reckless.

and last but certainly not least, there is Shade
Shade is a kirin (half pony half dragon) ninja with the ability to turn into, and control, shadows.
Shade is a master alchemist, alchemists have ability to turn anything and everything into, well, anything. This has one limitation, 'to obtain, something of equal value must be lost'.

so, I hope this works this time, what do you think?

1837103 I thought there be at least one unicorn.Oh well.Looks awesome.I'll be sure to put them in when I've go the chance.

1837477 you see, the thing is I originally designed the Reapers as humans, that's why none of them have horns:twilightsheepish:

hey, there's me (its a little zoomed out)

You should add the four horsemen from darksiders

1855115 yes, but there are much more OP pictures of them

1855115 death, the rider of the pale horse is the eldest and arguably the strongest of the four, he is a master of harbinger magic and necromancy and has a reaper form, he thinks that killing is more of an art than a duty (unlike war), and although he seems cold, he would do anything for his brothers, he wields dual scythes and can combine them to create a larger scythe and can wield a massive hammer, mace, or glaive that he keeps (I'm assuming) in hammerspace, he also has an ultimate form of the reaper, indestructible and able to fly while wielding a massive scythe, death also receives strides gun redemption during the game

Fury, the rider of the black horse (I think) is roughly the second youngest, and the only female of the four, she is a master of magic itself and wields a whip made of pure arcane energy (not much is known about her)

Not much is known about strife, the rider of the white horse, but he is a master marksman and the second oldest, he wields two guns, redemption and mercy, his personality is more sarcastic

War the rider of the red horse, is the youngest of the four and the most stubborn, he wields a blade bigger than him (he's 10 feet tall) called the Armageddon blade, war thinks killing is more of a duty. Framed for causing the apocalypse on earth, he was killed twice and revived just so he could clear his name. His massive gauntlet on his left hand is his real hand (now it is) because it was cut off by death as punishment for opposing his former enforcers. He has a demon form which doubles his size increasing his strength tenfold and his body catches on fire, he holds multiple wrath/chaos abilities such as sword geyser (he i pales his sword in the ground and copy's of his sword fly out everywhere, plus he can use that ability while he is swings it with ONE HAND), stoneskin (does what it says while increasing his attack damage), immolation (his body catches on fire, dealing damage to whoever touches him), and affliction (he sends out poisonous wraiths to feed off his enemies, while rejuvenating him as an outcome). Additionally, he can wield two other weapons, a massive scythe ( given to him by death) and tremor gauntlet (capable of creating shock waves powerful enough to smash through bedrock). War is the strongest muscle wise and can pick up 10 tone objects with ease and can push a train car with his bare hands. War receives strides other gun mercy during his game as well

This is barely shaving the top on what war can do, but I've said to much
The creators of the game have confirmed 3 more games from the darksiders trilogy, 2 more for the other 2 horsemen, the 1 more with all four of them

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