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A new shipping of TwiDash group

All story must have Twilight or/and Dash or both must be a Princess.
Bullying is not tolerated at ALL
Plz but all story in the right place it has me out

Folders Rules
If your story is all about between PrinceessTwiDash cloping is will only go in that folder.

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I would like to add a story Twidash honeymoon to new story please

This idea has always interested me. I'm glad there is a group for it. Are you searching for images for the group? Oh and by the way, the word princess for the group has an extra e.

Hello there!

I have a little doubt here: you see, my story, is about short stories on itself, based on the ain six, but it includes mostly Twidash. My point it, I just started posting it, the first chapter is Twidash related, but she's a unicorn by the moment, I'll manage the series as if it was a new tv season, so the Twilicorn fics are not added just yet, so I wonder if it is ok if I share the story here? :twilightsmile:

I'll appreciate your response.


330999 Well I did use a Ps3 for this group

331023 is Princeess


Might want to fix the spelling on"Princess".:moustache:

Interesting group idea, however, you might want to double check the spelling of some of your words.

If you fix your typos, you might get more attention to this group.

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