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Where'd You Come From? Where'd You Go?: A Little Mucking Around in Fimfiction Referrals · 9:08pm May 14th

I like to peek at the stats pages on my stories from time to time, especially at the referrals section. It's interesting to see where people are coming from.

There's some funny things in there sometimes. For example, when I published my latest story I shared it on my Bluesky and Mastodon accounts. I don't have a large following, so it was not surprising that I didn't actually get any views that way.

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hOi! Just wanted to say thanks for adding Memories Returned to your bookshelf. I was worried that story would get no reach since it requires you to have advanced knowledge of a story by another author. Good to know people actually dig it.

Here, have an awesome!

Thank you for your interest in My Dearest Twilight!

And thank you for writing about Twilight and Rainbow taking care of each other :twilightsmile:

Howdy howdy, and thank you for adding Neither to your bookshelves!

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