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Death & Chocolate · 5:03pm May 5th, 2021

It always feels good to publish a new story, and even better to see it get a good reception. Even if it's not a happy story... So thanks for reading it!

I'm happy to say the next story in the pipeline is much cheerier (It has Lyrabon :rainbowkiss:). My plans for today are to work on that and maybe make some brownies. A much better way than suicide to follow up making art if you ask me.

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I Was Bored · 6:52am Nov 19th, 2019

So I wrote some of that pairing that only I ship. It's a bit of fluff that doesn't really go anywhere. But it has lesbian horse cuddles, so maybe that's okay. It was never going to be a novel.

So my weekend was spent writing that and listening to the Dreadnoughts' new album on repeat. It was nice.

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Goodbye, FiM · 5:21am Oct 13th, 2019

Well, that's it then. What a journey it's been. I got into the show in December of 2011, in the middle of season 2. Not right at the beginning, but close. Certainly close enough that most of the last decade of my life has been consumed by pony. And certainly that's not going to change for the foreseeable future, but this show was such a big part of everything. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now, this is my only real fandom. Regardless, I'm here to stay, even if the show is not.

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My New Favorite Ship · 7:33am Apr 14th, 2019

Why is nobody shipping these two? They go great together. Am I going to have to write all the shipfics myself?

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It's Finished · 10:24pm Jan 22nd, 2019

Just finished this bad girl:

ELike A Broken Record
Watch where you're going, or you might run into love. Moondancer is going to have to learn that the hard way.
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It was my first time doing something longer than a oneshot, so that's been interesting.

There's some more stuff coming down the pipeline that I hope to have ready by next week too.

Until then, have a shanty:

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Go to School No More · 7:26am Dec 16th, 2018

So I graduated today. So that was pretty neat.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life now, but at least I'll have time to write.

Have a shanty:


And I Was Doing So Well · 8:31am Dec 8th, 2018

I had hoped to keep a consistent schedule for updates. I guess that's not happening. It is that time of year, after all, finals. At least I have most of the next chapter done.

Of course, at my pace, that means you can expect the next chapter in a year or so...

Thanks for your patience, and for reading about Moondancer being socially awkward. Your sea shanty for tonight is:

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Fek al Vi, Kiuj Volas Titolon: Mi ne Zorgas pri Tio, Kion Vi Pensas · 6:43am Oct 28th, 2018

Finfine mi spektis Forgotten Friendship, kaj mi havas opiniojn pri ĝi. Mi ankaŭ estas ebria do mi esprimos ilin (mi ŝatas viskion, ĉu mi iam diris tion?). Wallflower Blush estas laŭ mi nur kaculo. Ŝi forigis memorojn de Sunset kiel venĝo kontraŭ ŝi, ĉar ŝi estis sola. Nu mi tute ne havas kompaton por ŝi. Mi mem estis tute sola dum la gimnazio, kaj mi ne forigis memorojn de iu (kompreneble, ne eblis ke mi faru tion, sed tio estas nur detalo--eĉ kun la kapablo mi ne uzus ĝin tiel).

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Topic for Discussion · 4:15am Oct 14th, 2018

Who is best pony, and why is it Lyra?

Just look at those colors, that smile. There is no competing with her.

Twilight is pretty neat too.


Just Reply: a Review · 4:45am Oct 7th, 2018

This felt like a cry for help. Which it was supposed to, mind. The main character here, Melody Breeze is a desparate mare. That comes through very well. The thing is, the author's voice bleeds through a lot. Especially since comments are disabled (i.e. why I'm writing this as a blog). It feels very much like the author is also in need of help here. This is baseless speculation, understand, made with with absolutely no knowledge of said author. But it's the feeling I get from it. But, focusing

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