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for the fans of smolder and gallus (Like me) ,We have always wanted to see our blue griffin and our favorite orange dragon in many everyday situations Like adventure, danger and death, and if you are smart, love too! the best ship of smolder and gallus is here SMOLLUS (or galder for cool buddies),come on , who dont love two tsunderes bullies being sappy?

they 2 are the dynamite of their group of friends, what is a shame was to see that they did not have a real interaction only them 2, and at the same time a relief that the final chapter of the series did not leave anything explicit about the couples (except yona and sandbar), thanks to this the writers can unleash their imaginations, and give Gallus the warm love of smolder (i hope so).
I am aware that this ship is small and does not have many followers, but every grain of sand counts and works! If you are someone curious, you can give it a try and maybe be surprised, if you are from the gallstream or smollcellus team, I hope you will content to see your dragon or griffin happy, even in the arms of another, I have nothing against official ships, but I was always a lover of unpopular and different things and I feel that this pair has a lot of potential, i really want read your work ;)

now is time to be kinky, please enjoy this image of smolder riding gallus

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