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Celestia X Twilight Sparkle
Celestia X Discord
Luna X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash X Applejack
Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Spitfire
Rainbow Dash X Soarin
Rainbow Dash X Gilda
Rarity X Applejack
Rarity X Fluttershy
Fluttershy X Big Macintosh
Lyra X Bon-Bon
Spike X Rarity
Spike X Twilight Sparkle
Pony X OC
Pony X Human
Twilight Sparkle X Trixie
Vinyl Scratch X Octavia

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I an trying to remember the name of the story where Celestia takes a day off and turns into an earth pony that works at AJ's farm, If you find it please tell me.

How about Applebloom X Diamond Tiara?

I figured those two need some more love. Right?

Here are some of my stranger ones:
Rarity X Ember.
At first I disregarded this ship, than I thought some more about it.. and the more I thought about it the more it made PERFECT sense! I could imagine Rarity and Ember bumping into each other in ponyville on one of Ember's visits. They chat for a while, and Rarity gives Ember some great advice. They continue to meet until eventually they start developing feelings for each other. Rarity decides to court Ember and then everything takes off from there.

Pinkie Pie X Spike
They share a lot in common. I won't list it here (cause I'm lazy lol). I also just find it kind of funny to ship someone who acts older than his actual age with someone who acts younger than her age.

Vinyl Scratch x Chrysalis. Never seen it, gonna write it

1.Twilight x Moondancer (They look cute together)
2.Rainbow Dash x King Sombra (Ive seen several Twilight x King Sombra and Fluttershy x King Sombra ships so thats ship doesn't sound so far fetched)
3. Twilight x Colgate (Might have explain Colgate strange behavior)

I recently came up with Lyra x Fluttershy. Am I the first one to come up with this, yes. I know because I looked it up and didn't get any results as them being a couple. Just some fan art of combination ponies of the two.

Here's some uncommon ships I like and want to see (Because I love crackships and unusual pairs so much):

Nyx X Spike
Discord X Sunset Shimmer
Rainbow Dash X Colgate
Sonata X Twilight Sparkle
Sombra X Fluttershy
Derpy X Adagio (Dunno if anyone's thought of this before)
Bon Bon X Spitfire
Trixie X Lightning Dust
Tirek X Starlight Glimmer

Colgate and Rarity?? I'd ship it!

What about Suri Polmare x Flim/Flam?

donèt forget luna jack...

or rather.

Nightmare moon and applejack!!!!!

why deosn't nightmare moon get love?!?!?!

I ship Scootaloo X Button Mash... fairly hard...

there's a lack of tirek shippings

i want to see trixie x tirek

theres no twilight sparkle x derpy hooves story

Currently writing a TwiScratch story, this ship is so unused.

Luna x Rarity
Sombra x Fluttershy
Sunset Shimmer x Discord
Sunset Shimmer x Big Macintosh

Celestia x Applejack, Luna x Applejack (please, I haven't found one fic about either of these that isn't either bad or M rated and I've looked.)
Chrysalis x Maud Pie (a bit ridiculous but it sounds like it would make for a fun read plus even now both characters have plenty of room for development) I haven't really looked too far for this yet so if you know any good ones, please tell me
Daring Do x Fluttershy
Rarity x Coco Pommel
Photo Finish x Fluttershy
Applejack x Cheerilee
Rainbow Dash x Derpy Hooves
Maud Pie x Derpy Hooves
Sonata x Trixie
Sonata x Derpy Hooves
Sonata x Celestia (When I think of Sonata so many interesting ships flood my brain)
Tree Hugger x The Smooze (I'll be surprised if I'm the first to have thought of this.)

I would like to see Tirek x Starlight Glimmer or Trixie x Grogar (G1)

I want to see ships of:

1. Soarin x Gilda
2. Nyx x Spike
3. Trixie x Fluttershy (imagine a mare who like to be the star and a mare who doesn't want to be in the limelight)
4. Octavia x Discord

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