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Celestia X Twilight Sparkle
Celestia X Discord
Luna X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash X Applejack
Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Spitfire
Rainbow Dash X Soarin
Rainbow Dash X Gilda
Rarity X Applejack
Rarity X Fluttershy
Fluttershy X Big Macintosh
Lyra X Bon-Bon
Spike X Rarity
Spike X Twilight Sparkle
Pony X OC
Pony X Human
Twilight Sparkle X Trixie
Vinyl Scratch X Octavia

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Vinyl Scratch x Chrysalis. Never seen it, gonna write it

1.Twilight x Moondancer (They look cute together)
2.Rainbow Dash x King Sombra (Ive seen several Twilight x King Sombra and Fluttershy x King Sombra ships so thats ship doesn't sound so far fetched)
3. Twilight x Colgate (Might have explain Colgate strange behavior)

I recently came up with Lyra x Fluttershy. Am I the first one to come up with this, yes. I know because I looked it up and didn't get any results as them being a couple. Just some fan art of combination ponies of the two.

Here's some uncommon ships I like and want to see (Because I love crackships and unusual pairs so much):

Nyx X Spike
Discord X Sunset Shimmer
Rainbow Dash X Colgate
Sonata X Twilight Sparkle
Sombra X Fluttershy
Derpy X Adagio (Dunno if anyone's thought of this before)
Bon Bon X Spitfire
Trixie X Lightning Dust
Tirek X Starlight Glimmer

Colgate and Rarity?? I'd ship it!

What about Suri Polmare x Flim/Flam?

donèt forget luna jack...

or rather.

Nightmare moon and applejack!!!!!

why deosn't nightmare moon get love?!?!?!

I ship Scootaloo X Button Mash... fairly hard...

there's a lack of tirek shippings

i want to see trixie x tirek

theres no twilight sparkle x derpy hooves story

Currently writing a TwiScratch story, this ship is so unused.

Luna x Rarity
Sombra x Fluttershy
Sunset Shimmer x Discord
Sunset Shimmer x Big Macintosh

Celestia x Applejack, Luna x Applejack (please, I haven't found one fic about either of these that isn't either bad or M rated and I've looked.)
Chrysalis x Maud Pie (a bit ridiculous but it sounds like it would make for a fun read plus even now both characters have plenty of room for development) I haven't really looked too far for this yet so if you know any good ones, please tell me
Daring Do x Fluttershy
Rarity x Coco Pommel
Photo Finish x Fluttershy
Applejack x Cheerilee
Rainbow Dash x Derpy Hooves
Maud Pie x Derpy Hooves
Sonata x Trixie
Sonata x Derpy Hooves
Sonata x Celestia (When I think of Sonata so many interesting ships flood my brain)
Tree Hugger x The Smooze (I'll be surprised if I'm the first to have thought of this.)

I would like to see Tirek x Starlight Glimmer or Trixie x Grogar (G1)

I want to see ships of:

1. Soarin x Gilda
2. Nyx x Spike
3. Trixie x Fluttershy (imagine a mare who like to be the star and a mare who doesn't want to be in the limelight)
4. Octavia x Discord

Another one is Rainbow Dash X Luna

Rainbow Dash X Discord -This is sort of popular-

I just started up a new story, where I shipped Pinkie Pie off.
Only it isn't with any Pony of the Mane Six, or even a Ponyvillian.

This time, i picked Prince Blueblood for her joy.
Has anyone come across any stories with the ship, or considered the posibility before?

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