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Shipping pairs NOT allowed
Celestia X Twilight Sparkle
Celestia X Discord
Luna X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash X Applejack
Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Spitfire
Rainbow Dash X Soarin
Rainbow Dash X Gilda
Rarity X Applejack
Rarity X Fluttershy
Fluttershy X Big Macintosh
Lyra X Bon-Bon
Spike X Rarity
Spike X Twilight Sparkle
Pony X OC
Pony X Human
Twilight Sparkle X Trixie
Vinyl Scratch X Octavia

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Am I able to add a story if it has usual and unusual pairings in it?

Isn't Bigmac pinkie pies cousin?

Are crossover ships aloud?

Ooh I had a crazy crossover shipp for tirek

Here's a link to a collage of Tirek and Lillian from League of Legends as a ship set, Tirek I can't see shipping very well with a pony.

I'd love to read a story like that

Never thought of that one...

Challenge accepted, I will see if I can come with a story you'd like for that ship.

Why'd y'all have to remind me that Twilight x Spike is popular. Don't ship someone with anyone they changed the diapers of...

Can you pls remove this story from the Pinkie x Rarity folder i accidentally folded.

Why is there pretty much no Scootaloo x Silver Spoon? It's one of the rarest of rare pairs. I, for one, would absolutely love to see more of this wonderful, if woefully underappreciated, pairing.

It's Smollus (Smolder x Gallus) and Moonscratch (Moondancer x Vinyl Scratch) for me.

Comment posted by LegallyFluffy deleted Dec 30th, 2018

Has anyone heard of Caramelsparkle (Caramel x Twilight Sparkles) or FlutterSentry (Fluttershy x FlashSentry) AppleSoarin (AppleJack x Soarin) Pinkietage (PinkiePie x big mac) Raritycord (Rarity x Discord) RainbowPants (Rainbowdash x Fancypants) AppleRumble (Applebloom x Rumble) Scootasqueek (Scootaloo x Pipsqueak) SweetieSpike (Sweetiebelle x Spike) Diamondmash (DiamondTiara x Buttonmash) Silversnips (Silverspoon x snips) Babssnail (babs seed x snails) Celestbra (Celestia x Sombra) Lunax (Luna x Thorax) Thunderlight glimmer (Thunderlane x Starlight Gliimer) Trixking (Trixie x Stormking) Cozyek (Cozyglow x tirek) or Sunpest (Sunburst x Tempest)

I have found new shippings!

Have you ever heard of Raridash or Spikecord? Cause they're some of my new favourites... OTP is currently Twishy, though.

Would you count "Canon Character+OC" as an unusual shipping pair?

Twilight and King Sombra!
Yeah! :twilightblush:
I mean not many people ship them, they always ship Fluttershy, Luna, Cadance, even sometimes Celestia, but not Twilight, they look so good together:twilightblush:

ApplejackšŸŽ x Vinyl ScratchšŸŽµ


Comment posted by Feather Guide deleted Oct 6th, 2020

Finally, someone like me.

No it's a multi chapter tale where Celestia disapears and a earth pony named Sunny Days turns up on AJ's farm.

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