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Celestia X Twilight Sparkle
Celestia X Discord
Luna X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash X Applejack
Rainbow Dash X Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash X Twilight Sparkle
Rainbow Dash X Spitfire
Rainbow Dash X Soarin
Rainbow Dash X Gilda
Rarity X Applejack
Rarity X Fluttershy
Fluttershy X Big Macintosh
Lyra X Bon-Bon
Spike X Rarity
Spike X Twilight Sparkle
Pony X OC
Pony X Human
Twilight Sparkle X Trixie
Vinyl Scratch X Octavia

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Ooh I had a crazy crossover shipp for tirek

Here's a link to a collage of Tirek and Lillian from League of Legends as a ship set, Tirek I can't see shipping very well with a pony.

I'd love to read a story like that

Never thought of that one...

Challenge accepted, I will see if I can come with a story you'd like for that ship.

Why'd y'all have to remind me that Twilight x Spike is popular. Don't ship someone with anyone they changed the diapers of...

Can you pls remove this story from the Pinkie x Rarity folder i accidentally folded.

Why is there pretty much no Scootaloo x Silver Spoon? It's one of the rarest of rare pairs. I, for one, would absolutely love to see more of this wonderful, if woefully underappreciated, pairing.

It's Smollus (Smolder x Gallus) and Moonscratch (Moondancer x Vinyl Scratch) for me.

Comment posted by LegallyFluffy deleted Dec 30th, 2018

Has anyone heard of Caramelsparkle (Caramel x Twilight Sparkles) or FlutterSentry (Fluttershy x FlashSentry) AppleSoarin (AppleJack x Soarin) Pinkietage (PinkiePie x big mac) Raritycord (Rarity x Discord) RainbowPants (Rainbowdash x Fancypants) AppleRumble (Applebloom x Rumble) Scootasqueek (Scootaloo x Pipsqueak) SweetieSpike (Sweetiebelle x Spike) Diamondmash (DiamondTiara x Buttonmash) Silversnips (Silverspoon x snips) Babssnail (babs seed x snails) Celestbra (Celestia x Sombra) Lunax (Luna x Thorax) Thunderlight glimmer (Thunderlane x Starlight Gliimer) Trixking (Trixie x Stormking) Cozyek (Cozyglow x tirek) or Sunpest (Sunburst x Tempest)

I have found new shippings!

Have you ever heard of Raridash or Spikecord? Cause they're some of my new favourites... OTP is currently Twishy, though.

Would you count "Canon Character+OC" as an unusual shipping pair?

Twilight and King Sombra!
Yeah! :twilightblush:
I mean not many people ship them, they always ship Fluttershy, Luna, Cadance, even sometimes Celestia, but not Twilight, they look so good together:twilightblush:

Applejack🍎 x Vinyl Scratch🎵


Comment posted by Feather Guide deleted Oct 6th, 2020

Finally, someone like me.

No it's a multi chapter tale where Celestia disapears and a earth pony named Sunny Days turns up on AJ's farm.

I an trying to remember the name of the story where Celestia takes a day off and turns into an earth pony that works at AJ's farm, If you find it please tell me.

How about Applebloom X Diamond Tiara?

I figured those two need some more love. Right?

Here are some of my stranger ones:
Rarity X Ember.
At first I disregarded this ship, than I thought some more about it.. and the more I thought about it the more it made PERFECT sense! I could imagine Rarity and Ember bumping into each other in ponyville on one of Ember's visits. They chat for a while, and Rarity gives Ember some great advice. They continue to meet until eventually they start developing feelings for each other. Rarity decides to court Ember and then everything takes off from there.

Pinkie Pie X Spike
They share a lot in common. I won't list it here (cause I'm lazy lol). I also just find it kind of funny to ship someone who acts older than his actual age with someone who acts younger than her age.

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