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Thanks for the favorite on Snowbound. Glad to see my stories still deliver enjoyment all these years later.

Thank you for the fave on Aces High!

Hey I love when people over think my work and it has such an impact on them tonwhere they javelin long feedback like this. I love feedback like this and I love seeing how people view my work and what they take away from it. (I legit save long replies just to review later)

So yeah no need to apologize or feel anything wrong, and there is no way to misinterpret writ9ngs because everyone walks away feeling slightly different and I love seeing those differences and what people walked away with.

I hope my other works can catch your interest as well as These Final Words did.:twilightsmile:

Hello, I hope you're well!
I personally like stories that make me feel something, specially if it is a "deep" feeling. I happened to discover that sad, tragic, angst and drama stories cause me these feelings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressive, nor enjoy being sad. But to be able to have these feelings by "just reading a text" fascinates me.
By reading your story, I felt many things.
In the first chapter I felt a great anxiety, literally goosebumps and my eyes got wet for some reason. Don't ask me why, because I'm asking that myself.
In the following chapters, I tried to put myself in the hooves of the mane 6. Every time a description of a character's reactions or feelings is given, I try to remember situations in my life I had a similar reaction or feeling, and add it to what I'm already feeling with the reading. I stop reading and imagine myself in that very situation, what would I think, do, react?
The excitement of discovering an alien species disappeared when Twilight heard that first message and, when each of them started to care, to worry, to feel for those who were at the other side, without being able to do anything, I felt as impotent as they were.
Pinkie wanting to throw a party for them broke my heart. You know that by no means it is possible, but you are left wanting it was.
Even knowing how the story ends, I wanted the humans to be well, just like they wanted.
That ending, with everyone worried about Twilight, for a moment I felt a slight tension as if they were all there to "force" her out of the radio, and then the final transmission comes. Twilight wants to hear it, to be there, to assure that she was with that somepony till the end, even knowing that he would never know she was there listening. I have the feeling that Twilight and the others gave his death some kind of meaning.
We usually have this "sense of honor" when someone dies, specially doing their duty, a feeling that they will never really die as long as we remember them.
After that, all the characters leave the room without saying anything, there is nothing to say, they all understood why it was so important to Twilight, and I like to think they all gave a small piece of their hearts for those who died "up" there, specially for Captain Graceland. Because I surely did it.
Now, I may have overthought this a bit, maybe got some points wrong, but it's just how I like to do it. Anxiety, empathy, helplessness, sadness... I felt it all, and I liked it very much. I hope this answers your question!
Thanks for the reading, I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for adding These Final Words to your Favorites.:twilightsmile:

May I ask what you enjoy about it?

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