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"Art forms that appeal to modern leftish intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control ..."

The various kindest things anyone has ever said about me :)

"... an author in a distant headspace, who's gone past the ability to cry about things and can only laugh at them, no matter how tragic.” -- Bad Horse

"This story makes me feel dumb because I can't understand what is happening." -- Jake The Army Guy

"This story makes me want to snuggle with you on a fold-out couch, then smother you to death with a wet dishcloth." -- Twifight Sparkill

"I'm not usually a mean person but...This was the dumbest piece of shit I've ever read in my entire life. Not once, through my brief read, Did I not regret ever clicking on the link that leads to said story ... You have everything to be sorry for, This is all your fault. You're a horrible, horrible person..." -- Hungrybear

“revisionist fuck” -- Amit

“Most of his work is bizarre, surreal, and makes absolutely no sense when you think about it.” -- the parasprite

"Fiddlebottoms's style remains opaque to things like 'analyzing authorial intent' and 'figuring out what the hell is going on here' ... This is a story I read. I'm not sure I understood a word of it ... it never ceased to be intriguing, in the daftest way possible. Do give it a try, I suppose?" -- PresentPerfect

"Poor attempts at humor in between shocking horrors of life and death." -- The Elusive Badgerpony

"i'll mention you in my suicide note" -- darf

"Some day I will forget you." -- Griseus

"The fact of the atomic bomb." -- Aurora shine

“revisionist fuck” -- 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

"What the fuck you asshole. You disgust me, you really do." -- onourown

"I appreciate the things you choose to write." -- Sunshine-Smiles

"Everything about this work suits me, and better than when I tried such." -- fashionistas revenge

"This has been a weird trip, but not a boring one." -- Hey its that Pony

"I'm sorry to hear the friend of yours passed away ... and I'm not exactly sure what this story is supposed to reflect about your relationship" -- Dragon Turtle

"I'm not sure if I just had an existential crisis or a brush with some unnamed Eldrich Horror." ~ Skeeter The Lurker

"revisionist fuck" -- John McDonnell

“You are gloriously horrid Fiddles.” -- Questionable Object

“It’s a cheap form of bleakness.” -- Alondro

"It's like watching the village idiot interview a madman." -- The Spirit of Evil

“This has given me so many ideas, most of them irrational, the few that aren't are illogical, all equally pointless.” -- WrathOfGod519

"Fiddlebottoms is a true treasure and i think I would weep if i ever attempted to have a long conversartion with him." -- Themaskedferret

"revisionist fuck" -- Ice Star

watch knighty ignore that he literally said this

"The fat fetish and inflation communities will be the force which saves My Little Pony fanfiction from financial ruin and pushes us forward into a 22nd century of boundless growth." -- knighty

The tomb wall which I enscribe, others did likewise once and may do so again.

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he's italian and went out throwing grenades at mussolini's goons

Based as fuck

the nightcore is cute sounds cheerfully inhuman, vocaloids, too

as someone who is entrenching themselves quite comfortably in the medical-industrial complex, if someone wanted to take a degree in finance i'd question their ability to be useful enough that they'd not get put up against the wall in the event of social upheavels, but everyone does what they do and so on

if you're liking stirner, i'd also recommend novatore, another super edgy anarchist prose-poet, but he's italian and went out throwing grenades at mussolini's goons

Technology Implies Belligerence was a concept album based on Blindsight, Stoneburner's other albums aren't quite as good because they lack the singular theme and drive of the first, but still he does drop some good ones:

always so bizarre that the Salad Fingers Guy exists outside of Newgrounds in the 2000s, like seeing Cain at King Soopers, Cain? Cain who killed Abel? the first murderer? he's buying pork chops at King Soopers? he has coupons?

umami's soup god series is now a trilogy:

i really love how the soup god ages over the course of the series, growing wrinkly and more spotted, and how it's interest (brute survival) becomes more clear over the course of it. it reminds me of a lot of the better CelestAI stories: the horror of the gods we create is that, despite all their posturing and grand illusions, they are all too terrifyingly human.

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