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Impervious to posterity. Every river will burn; the valleys will dry, and I said, "hey, man, don't look at me." I once was a cowboy, and I sometimes want to die. I blame you.

[but] the light will stay on

The various kindest things anyone has ever said about me :)

“... the phrase "semiotic nightmare" comes to mind." -- PresentPerfect

"... an author in a distant headspace, who's gone past the ability to cry about things and can only laugh at them, no matter how tragic.” -- Bad Horse

"This story makes me feel dumb because I can't understand what is happening." -- Jake The Army Guy

“revisionist fuck” -- Amit

“Most of his work is bizarre, surreal, and makes absolutely no sense when you think about it.” -- the parasprite

"Fiddlebottoms's style remains opaque to things like 'analyzing authorial intent' and 'figuring out what the hell is going on here' ... This is a story I read. I'm not sure I understood a word of it ... it never ceased to be intriguing, in the daftest way possible. Do give it a try, I suppose?" -- PresentPerfect

"Poor attempts at humor in between shocking horrors of life and death." - The Elusive Badgerpony

"i'll mention you in my suicide note" -- darf

"Some day I will forget you." --Griseus

“revisionist fuck” -- 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

"I'm off to join a cult, now!" -- Truffle Mint

"What the fuck you asshole. You disgust me, you really do." -- onourown

"I appreciate the things you choose to write." -- Sunshine-Smiles

"revisionist fuck" -- John McDonnell

“You are gloriously horrid Fiddles.” -- Questionable Object

“It’s a cheap form of bleakness.” -- Alondro

"It's like watching the village idiot interview a madman." -- The Spirit of Evil

“This has given me so many ideas, most of them irrational, the few that aren't are illogical, all equally pointless.” -- WrathOfGod519

"Fiddlebottoms is a true treasure and i think I would weep if i ever attempted to have a long conversartion with him." -- Themaskedferret

"revisionist fuck" -- PresentPerfect

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God is dead and so is beauty. Fiddlebottoms, you are the only one who speaks truth in a world of lies.

To forget you makes it easier to forget her. Am ashamed I told you that. No excuse for my weakness.

Hey I don’t care if you remember me or not, but I’m just curious: what’s your opinion of the state of the My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic tv show and fandom these days?

Thanks for the fave.:twilightsmile:
Also, Thanks for the interesting commentary.

Your judgment seems mistaken, but I see no reason not to endorse it!

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