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Bon Bon wasn't paying attention, instead she was saying like a vile muppet with a master's hand up her rear hole: "Against my own will, I've been contemplating the works of Kaczynski yet again."

The various kindest things anyone has ever said about me :)

"... an author in a distant headspace, who's gone past the ability to cry about things and can only laugh at them, no matter how tragic.” -- Bad Horse

"This story makes me feel dumb because I can't understand what is happening." -- Jake The Army Guy

"This story makes me want to snuggle with you on a fold-out couch, then smother you to death with a wet dishcloth." -- Twifight Sparkill

"I'm not usually a mean person but...This was the dumbest piece of shit I've ever read in my entire life. Not once, through my brief read, Did I not regret ever clicking on the link that leads to said story ... You have everything to be sorry for, This is all your fault. You're a horrible, horrible person..." -- Hungrybear

“revisionist fuck” -- Amit

“Most of his work is bizarre, surreal, and makes absolutely no sense when you think about it.” -- the parasprite

"Fiddlebottoms's style remains opaque to things like 'analyzing authorial intent' and 'figuring out what the hell is going on here' ... This is a story I read. I'm not sure I understood a word of it ... it never ceased to be intriguing, in the daftest way possible. Do give it a try, I suppose?" -- PresentPerfect

"Poor attempts at humor in between shocking horrors of life and death." -- The Elusive Badgerpony

"i'll mention you in my suicide note" -- darf

"Some day I will forget you." -- Griseus

"The fact of the atomic bomb." -- Aurora shine

“revisionist fuck” -- 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

"What the fuck you asshole. You disgust me, you really do." -- onourown

"I appreciate the things you choose to write." -- Sunshine-Smiles

"Everything about this work suits me, and better than when I tried such." -- fashionistas revenge

"This has been a weird trip, but not a boring one." -- Hey its that Pony

"I'm sorry to hear the friend of yours passed away ... and I'm not exactly sure what this story is supposed to reflect about your relationship" -- Dragon Turtle

"I'm not sure if I just had an existential crisis or a brush with some unnamed Eldrich Horror." ~ Skeeter The Lurker

"revisionist fuck" -- John McDonnell

“You are gloriously horrid Fiddles.” -- Questionable Object

“It’s a cheap form of bleakness.” -- Alondro

"It's like watching the village idiot interview a madman." -- The Spirit of Evil

“This has given me so many ideas, most of them irrational, the few that aren't are illogical, all equally pointless.” -- WrathOfGod519

"Fiddlebottoms is a true treasure and i think I would weep if i ever attempted to have a long conversartion with him." -- Themaskedferret

"revisionist fuck" -- Ice Star

watch knighty ignore that he literally said this

"The fat fetish and inflation communities will be the force which saves My Little Pony fanfiction from financial ruin and pushes us forward into a 22nd century of boundless growth." -- knighty

The tomb wall which I enscribe, others did likewise once and may do so again.

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Oh no.
I've found the anthem of "It was a beautiful day in Ponyville."

It ain't pretty and it ain't pleasant and it is awful.
But it is terrible and stupid and beautiful.
I only hope that Dees saw this video sometime before he died because the Illuminati moved his shoes.
I need to hear this live to live.

Laying traps is fun and so is deliberately setting them off with a stick. Keeps us all fresh, I agree. There's nothing wrong with gods so long as everyone can freely hunt them as the most dangerous game and they don't take unnecessary offense. :)

The best part of the Spaghetti Bolognese is the Audible Crunch when her son eats it. =D All about that mouth feel, right?
My favorite character is the ringmaster one (I didn't know they had names, such deeplore you have), although she doesn't handle the whip very well. Makes me doubt her freakcred, honestly. Some people are just camerashy and have difficulty getting up when they're being recorded, but, you just get thinking, you know? Actually, I don't. I got distracted.
Since you like updates about my life, I'm watching Borat 2 tonight instead of being useful. It is pretty good. They do a good job of balancing the fictional and reality elements especially since they were filming while Qorona Qrisis got started.

I've instead been contemplating Kaczynski yet again. A rather odd aspect of his thinking was the belief that even the manuals should be destroyed. An actual post-industrial civilization would not look at all like the pre-industrial ones. Cell lines, after all, are immortal. There's no reason why there can't be postindustrial shamans. A fanfiction idea I've had running is that zebras would be like that. Knowing blood types, vaccinating themselves, maintaining plants that have useful viruses growing in them, using blood transfusions to provide low tech antibody therapy, etc.
In the interim NCBI is a fun place to spend some time.

Strange to go from wolves to cat girls, though. Bots will replace all of us in time if there is enough time for them to be born properly. You can do all sorts of things with brains, the issue is more philosophical. Like, if you had a type of brain damage since birth, and someone "fixed it" would what comes out of that repair be "you"?

Also, apparently some weebs propelled this to the top of the charts.

Good for them. Although, it is like Pony or Homestuck rap. It is good on a first listen, but I can already already tell what parts will be intolerable by the thirteenth listen.
It is too late to save any of us from the ruins. We're going all the way down to the bottom accompanied by the Gregorian chants and/or ironic youtuber rappers. Hopefully Bionerds will be around to catalog our collapse and the return of the vines and owls and so on.

Was it the action in the first chapter that was hard to follow or the explosion? Because the part where the characters are described as dying multiple times was deliberately confusing, although I'm concerned that Rarity and Pinkie's actions in particular might be too hard to keep track of.
At this point, I think I am going to have to just do a rewrite of the third chapter from memory and hope the pieces fall in together. Having done an over editing is very vexing. :(

I enjoyed your funny joke :)
I hope you enjoy my funny jokes =D

A fun toy on the internet is BLAST search, but I'll save you the effort of transcribing the DNA (biology joke :D) I'll say that that was the DNA version of the RNA genome for the Type 1 Hep C RNA polymerase. It was just another glimpse of my suffering as I gaze long into the abyss.

Given sufficient time, 3D printed organs could solve most issues other than brain damage. The main problems, aside from rentier capital's inability to effectively distribute resources for research or medicine, would be the question of what it means to "fix" brain damage and the fact that we're probably going to experience the collapse of industrial civilization in the next couple decades. My main hope for the future of medicine is developing bacterial and cell lines that produce useful chemicals and could be maintained indefinitely in a low tech environment. Post-apocalyptic biopunk, if you will, although I'm not certain if I'll ever find myself in possession of the resources to do that.

Contrapoints makes good background listening, although that might be missing the point since she does put a lot of work into designing the cute sets and costumes. Athena always disgusted me, though. She always appears in things like the Odyssey or the Orestia and stops the worst bastards from getting what they deserve in the name of "justice." Considering how the old lads used to always go to brothels, bringing the brothel and the lecture hall together would have been like crossing the streams.

Yeah, the clown world thing becoming reactionary really annoys me. I suppose they invented the Black Pill which has taken on life outside of their sphere, so maybe it balances out?

I've been gradually trying to bring Fluttershy's Exploding Ass into being. I want to drop it all at once, so publishing is held off until I make the third chapter work. The password is "assplosion."

The weekend still isn't completely over. :( Being driven into the grave and I don't even have a unicorn doing me a mischief.

Good luck with your deep diving, just don't forget to keep a line leading back to the surface. Sometimes things are buried for a reason.
I wish I had thought of inserting something in the HCV repetition. Someday, I want to read through the old MKULTRA experiments. Not the usual exposes about the abuses or assassinations, but about all the techniques that were tried. There must be some good writing advice buried in there.

Just like I wonder what goes on in the Discord servers where they decided they're obsessed with Gallus having a small penis/anus. Not enough to actually install Discord, mind, just enough to wonder.

I always found math boring and intuitive. Derivatives, limits, it is all just straightforward. Maybe at the higher levels something changes, but I don't have the patience to get there.
I like things messy.

For me, it is less about privacy than about the space for play. The humanists and the technocrats are against play. They want to flatten everything out, get rid of the inconsistencies, cut off or explain away the edges that don't fit into their mathematical models, control it and sort it. Perhaps, in the long term, the anti-humanist forces, the hypothetical creatures beyond the stars and outside reality and the shadows lurking in the future reaching back into the past, they'll also eliminate the space for play, but in the short term they increase it. In the long term, we are all dead anyway.

Wolves are cool, but I have a real soft spot for small, vicious things.

The first time I heard that Lorde song, I was in the grocery store and now it is permanently associated with deciding whether I want Fettuccini or Angel Hair pasta.

Leaky scanning would be a great literary technique if one could figure out how to make it work. Constant repetition is the closest thing I've had to a success in that regard. I suppose that is how leaky scanning works in the cell too.

Bayesian hacks and Rats (but I repeat myself) always point to this stupid scenario about how if a doctor administers a test to someone with a 5% false negative rate twice, and the result is negative both times, what is the chance that both negatives were false? The answer may surprise you, they say! They always act like this is some great revelation about how the intuition of even doctors is wrong and we all need to walk into the golden light of their stupid ass technocratic cult to become one with pure reason. It pisses me off and I don't have anywhere convenient to go off on someone and don't feel like arguing about it anyway, and so I am venting about it here because that is what this is for.
So, let's set the stage for this scenario. You're a doctor and a white male in his twenties comes into your office. He has a systematic infection of Candida albicans and Kaposi's sarcoma. He also has a history of homelessness, intravenous drug use, homosexual intercourse and lived for a couple years in Indiana, and he's got a dramatically low CD4+ T-cell count. So, obviously, he has HIV and has progressed to AIDS, but you due diligence so you run an antibody test and a PCR test, both of which conveniently have a false negative rate of 5%, and both of which come back negative.
So maybe it isn't HIV, maybe it is something else that has all the same symptoms. But, the possibility that it is HIV has to at least stay on the backburner, and saying there's a 0.25% is a useful way of picturing it while you dig through other fringe possibilities.
So fuck Rats. They're stupid and I won't be taking medical or life advice from any of them. Rats the people, that is, rats the animal are super neat.

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