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Impervious to posterity. Every river will burn; the valleys will dry, and I said, "hey, man, don't look at me." I once was a cowboy, and I sometimes want to die. I blame you.


The mountains dream so long they never knew time, but they never dreamed of Pinkie Pie, or what befriending her would cost.

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Comments ( 5 )

This is inspiring.

I think.

I didn't know you were still writing, but I'm glad you are.

Is it wrong of me that — in a story about a reality so fey that we accept, as perfectly normal, apocalyptic dreams of inanimate objects and a pony throwing them birthday parties and Maud Pie being a golem — what broke me out of my reading was a mere intravenous coffee drip? :derpytongue2:

But that feels nitpicky, so let me say that the rest held together excellently. I enjoyed the idea here and especially the way it shifts into its reveal.

oh, fiddles. i missed you a lot. please don't leave like that again... you scared me very much :( i'm crying now because of this story, because of how beautiful it is--because i know i'm a stupid pink pony and you're as big of a mountain as you want to be. i love you, you stupid mountain. please be my friend. otherwise you won't be allowed to make me cry anymore.

This was a lovely tale of love. Glad you're back, Fiddlebottoms.

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