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Impervious to posterity. Every river will burn; the valleys will dry, and I said, "hey, man, don't look at me." I once was a cowboy, and I sometimes want to die. I blame you.


Luna shoves a cellphone up her plot, and the result is GREAT, CLASSIC LITERATURE!
Also a fart joke.
I'm very sorry.
Written in 30 minutes while singing (no, not listening to, but literally screaming it at the top of my lungs) Psychostick's "Dumb Song."
Image stolen from this sane individual.

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Comments ( 156 )

So beautiful . . . I actually cried. My heart exploded ten times from all the cuteness. Truly, this deserves a place in the featured box.

Because I'm a dumbshit great author, I just wanted throw out an unnecessary vital comment:
I started writing a Luna is Stoopid trollfic, and then I realized that I actually sympathized with her. If you've ever gone on vacation and within 24 hours received a call, looked at the caller ID and known it was going to be some moron back at work who needed instructions on how to pee, then you've probably wanted to just stuff the phone up your butt and fart into it. About once a week I read "Yzur" and contemplate carving out my tongue.

Literary genius , I'm actually being serious when I say this deserves a feature more then some of the stories that actually got one. The whole of the fic was rather inexplicably leading up to what was already explained, and it just came out of fucking nowhere.

I don't even know...
Edit: After reading it, I have no words to express the feelings I have


This, Sir, is probably the most amazing thing I ever had honour to read:rainbowlaugh:

Fantastic! You have showered us with your greatness, good sir.

This... This was fantastic. I am not even joking. Please, write more. I need your scathing humor.

What did the cellphone say to Luna's villi?
Nothing! It was on hold!

Ahhh... I'm not feeling anything here man, sorry

That was actually rather hilarious.

This is an instant classic of What The Fuckery. Bravo, once again you give me a good laugh.

You make stupid fanfics of tiny equines that shove objects up their arse because your dumb.

I upvote said stupid fanfics of tiny equines that shove objects up their arse because I'm dumb.

I'm still saying WTF

Well, your dumb because you used the wrong form of "you're."
You're grammar is funny, and dumb.
I'm gonna write MLP fanfics while your dumb.

I approve, featured box, blargity blarg blarg, GOOD JOB BOYO!

<<"Let's say you went camping, but I wanted to know where you'd filed your T-190 Forms. Without a cellphone, I'd have to go looking for myself or wait until you returned, but with it you're just a few button pushes away. The next day I could call you again and ask about something else meaningless. Basically, with this I can effortlessly bother you anytime, in anyplace about anything forever, and you will never be able to escape."
"What is camping?">> COMEDIC GENIUS! I sense :trollestia:
This story is brilliant! Amazing! Fantastic! I LOVE IT!
Oh, but you made one mistake.
Luna isn't :derpytongue2:.
Doy... everyone knows that!
No, but seriously. I love this story.
6/5. Top that.

Inappropriate... but hilarious! :ajsmug:

Eh hem, well good sir. You certainly did, that. Thing, there. Oh God. Funny, but i am left speachless. My IQ dropped 10 points because of that. :twilightoops:

1216659 Woah, woah, woah, slow your roll there...don't diss on the legendary mailmare my good friend, it's bad for all MLP fans eveywhere.

Also, you had me laughing my ass off, I shall vote YES! And how dare a common mortal poby talk to a goddess llike that.:pinkiegasp:


Luna isn't :derpytongue2:

According to this fandom .... I'll let the numbers speak for themselves.
Number of times Derpy has been outwitted by a snack cookie: 0
Number of times Luna has been outwitted by a snack cookie: 1

I really hope this gets featured

The tears have been shed. This, my good man or lady, is the epitome of literature.

I read the title and I was like Wat.:rainbowhuh:

Oh.. .gawd... My mind ran off so I had no logic to nit pick at anything...


That's the closet I can get to explaining my feelings. Now, excuse me while I return to laughing so hard I pass out from lack of breathing.

inb4 featured

Wow. Inappropriate, but wow.

Great literature, such as this, should make you ask questions. Specifically, you should be asking, "What in the ten Malebolge was this guy smoking, drinking, chewing, eating, injecting, applying directly to his forehead, pouring into his eyeball, dripping into his ear, sucking on, taking and inserting rectally when he decided to write this?"

I did not see that coming.

Great job, there. :pinkiehappy:

Inappropriate? I beg to differ. Here's what it looks like when I do that:
*lays out a cardboard sign with "Please, need disagreements"*
"Hey, man! Hey, sir! Sir! I'm, sorry to bother you, man, but you see I've been out on the streets ever since I agreed that possessions are unnecessary. Can you loan me an argument? A quibble? C'mon man, all I need is one objection so I can fight with a bus driver and go see my daughter. I just got out of jail, and they didn't give me nothing but the confession I agreed to sign."
"Thanks, man, oh god bless you."

It's on the sidebar and climbin' fast!

I would've said "yes, I agree" for a laugh.

One black hole, three alternate timelines, and a completely trashed Delorean later ....
"Now what have we learned?"
"Don't create paradoxes which will tear a hole through space and time."
"And what else?"
"Don't talk to strangers."
"Thank you."

"Yes... because I still agree."
...Okay, who created that alternate timeline version of the alternate timeline perception of the inverted inversion of the minus world rendition of the black-hole-screwed-up variation on the thrice-ponified version of Doctor Who's distant third cousin twice removed...
And WHY the heck is him or her PINKIE PIE!?

Wait a minute. Wtf is dis shit?!?! :rainbowhuh:
Not sure whether to LOL, or to be completely pissed that you did a fart joke on my favorite princess.

... What the hay could this possibly be about?? *Reads*

Everypony is always Pinkie Pie when you pull off their mask. She's like the anti-Red Herring.

What are you talking about? Princess Mi Amore Crabmonsterfromthedeepenza wasn't in this story. She's everyone's favorite princess, because she's pink and a shipper.

Don't get me wrong, I love Derpy. She's my 7th Favorite Pony, and my 3rd Favorite Pegasus. It's just that Luna isn't like her.
Are you referring to "Luna eats an Oreo"? Because, if so, I love that story, and if not, then I concur with BronyCup.

1216787 Indeed, old chap, this is undeniably a clever ruse to entertain the likes of ourselves!


1217289 Ah...then I may have misread your words, I am sorry if that's the case.

1217776 Myes, indeed. This is suitably palatable to the likes of we connoisseurs of only the most excellent fanfictions. :moustache:

Now write Twilight punches a baby (it's been done before but still).

So basically Twilight snaps when pinkie pie won't stop being a stupid annoying cunt? Then proceeds to deck her in the snozz... I like it.

In fact i may write it.


1218175 Then beheads her and proceeds to directly rape her throat.
Disregard the fact that she does not have a cock. She can grow one for this occasion.

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