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Pinkie Pie Needs to Read Kierkegaard · 4:59am Sep 13th, 2017

This is the second time (to my knowledge idfk) that Pancho Panka has used the Leap of Faith line and the second goddamn time she has used it wrong.

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Unfortunate paralells to the Nazarene · 5:53am Apr 16th, 2016

Not as dead as I had advertised.
Not as undead as one would suspect. Utter distate for the brains of others I have met. Most of them anyway.
Raising a toast, but it isn't really mine and the toast is actually grape juice.

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Metal Balls Crush Context (and nothing of value was lost) · 2:01pm Jun 23rd, 2013

Today, this was posted on my user page,

metal balls
are jealous of glass cubes

with the challenge that I “think about it.”

Well, here is about two minutes worth of thinkage,

For a while, I’ve been meaning to do a couple blogs on the radical subjectivity of language. If I ever get around to doing that, this will be the practical introduction. If I don’t, then I guess this will have to suffice as enough said.

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What A Piece of Work Is Man · 8:20am May 4th, 2013

It must needs be divined for us, whether we are to say that the Procreative Instinct is descendant from the Survival Instinct, or if, instead, the Procreative Instinct is first and the Survival Instinct secondary. Whether it is in pursuit of tomorrow that we fuck like dogs, or in pursuit of the noblest organ that we retain for tomorrow.

And, in either case, what madness is it to continue in one without the other?

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The End Draws Neigh · 12:39am Apr 2nd, 2013

First Sign:
North Korea are gonna fart into the Pacific Ocean again.
Meaningless, except there is an United States and an China. Empires don't retire pretty, the world wars should have taught everyone that, but there will always be a damn fool ready to pull a trigger.

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In Which Fiddlebottoms Has Become a Decadent · 2:28am Mar 11th, 2013

I have been known to preach politics slightly left of the aisle (provided that said aisle is through Noam Chomsky’s living room, and why shouldn’t it be?), so I feel it only fitting that I make a confession, for I have become a Decadent.

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Crystal Ponies Confirmed for Useless Hunks of Shiny (Episerd Sperlers) · 4:26pm Feb 9th, 2013

So, after the introduction of the Crystal Empire, I wrote a story about how the Crystal Ponies were lazy, horrible creatures that enforced their empire through whining, general uselessness and threatening not to fill the skies with Rainbow Shininess.
My headcanon has now been confirmed.

"Our stylist came down with a case of shitty excuse not to do their job."

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We Have Reached the Tipping Point · 9:52pm Jan 29th, 2013

There are now as many blog posts about blog posts about alicorn Twilight Sparkle as there are blog posts about alicorn Twilight Sparkle, and now I am making a blog post about blog posts about blog posts about alicorn Twilight Sparkle and this shit seriously needs to stop.
All of it.
Quit talking.
About anything.
No more words. Just silence.

Listen to this.

Look at this.

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CALLING ALL derivative blog title about RARITY · 3:23am Jan 28th, 2013

So, I saw this, and it will not stand.

Yes, Rarity is a bitch, but that is her appeal. She is selfish, yes, but that means she chooses to exemplify her element. Applejack as Honesty? She's a shitty liar anyway. Fluttershy as Kindness? She's a limp noodle. Pinkie Pie needs a God of Chaos brainwashing her to keep a straight face for than two minutes. Rarity chooses to be good, and that makes her superior.

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Merry Eastermas Everybody! · 10:57pm Dec 25th, 2012

Today is the day for avoiding conversation with our loved ones by giving them a bunch of video games and other consumerist crap so that they'll shut up and leave you alone while you raid the liquor cabinet. A day for disappointment and washing new socks. A day for getting drunk at the only dive bar in town that is still open tonight and telling people you're Jewish.

And sense I love you all SOOOO MUCH! I created a gift:

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