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"Art forms that appeal to modern leftish intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control ..."

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    She still believed in the sun. The same way she still believed in gravity. It was something that was there and couldn't be escaped, but it wouldn't catch her now that she'd started to fall.

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    Unfortunate paralells to the Nazarene

    Not as dead as I had advertised.
    Not as undead as one would suspect. Utter distate for the brains of others I have met. Most of them anyway.
    Raising a toast, but it isn't really mine and the toast is actually grape juice.

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Unfortunate paralells to the Nazarene · 5:53am Apr 16th, 2016

Not as dead as I had advertised.
Not as undead as one would suspect. Utter distate for the brains of others I have met. Most of them anyway.
Raising a toast, but it isn't really mine and the toast is actually grape juice.

Imagine the wives of the apostles, running about the house with coasters in hand, hoping to keep his blood off their couches and tables. It is almost a damn Mr Bean story. Much like Mr Bean, we should all be arrested and prevented from polite society for our horrific nature.

It has been many hundred days, please update me on the best drama and stories to enjoy, because I can't be fucked to read 100000+ items on my feed and want to be spoonfed.

Also, internet access is very rough, I'll be in and out, but, mostly out soon.

Also anyway and such, yes, of course, but as well and indeed.

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I have awaited for this moment for so long

sheeeeeeit, it's the second cumming.

Two years is a pretty good run.

Author Interviewer

Holy shit, it's Fiddlebottoms. :D I have missed you!


you missed on two great years of absolute stagnation

might be fun to see the rotten corpse of the fandom wiggle around for a bit, so i wish you the best of luck

It is good to see that the years have done nothing to dampen your cheerful disposition.

Good to see you are alive

There are way less interesting gorefics...

Basically, everyone who you knew is now on drugs except, ironically, for DWK, who has cleaned himself up quite impressively.

I can't remember exactly what you were here for, but I'll give you some good bits.

Did you ever hear about Jin? He's a guy who married a Twilight Sparkle plushie, then wrote an angry letter to a porn artist because he wanted everyone to stop drawing porn of her.

There was another guy who put a Rainbow Dash doll in a jar and tried to fill it with his semen over several days, so that he would have a collection of pony dolls in jars of jizz, but he accidentally left it on a heater which caused Rainbow Dash to be boiled in cum. You can look that one up.

I think one or two more guys got arrested for bestiality.

There was an episode with Big Macintosh in a dress, and apparently that was the writers' seething hatred of transgender people slipping out. Or it could have been a simple cartoon gag that's old as dirt, but outrage seems to in style on the internet lately. The internet has become a much more sensitive and intolerant place. The masses are clamoring for less rights and more censorship to protect them from scary ideas and bad thoughts.

I haven't been as up to date on fandom drama lately either, but those are the juiciest bits I can remember.

Whats new, whats new.... Hmm... not alot I guess... horse wrds continue unthwarted, Jake the army guy left for a spell, Chengar Quordath continues to mary sue, RealityCheck incited goal post moving by the mods lest we fall afoul of his wretched awful disgusting crime of, God forbid, having an opinion, surprisingly few clop fics for perhaps the greatest of all the villians Starlight, then they made her a wuss and the seventh mare. I joined the fandom, there's some new dumb shit called triggering, men are apparently becoming gay in the wake of third wave feminism

Oh! And I recently found this lady

3873732 Second that.

I have awaited for this day far too long. I love you, and I never lost hope.. I don't know how I missed this blog, but please don't ever leave me again oh great Fiddlebottoms of the upper echelon of this frivolous website. I'll do anything to keep you around. ANYTHING. (Except most things probably).

You really didn't miss a ton around here though. This place is as fucked up as you probably remember it being. The show itself I think is decent still though.

Oh how I missed your bizarre convoluted shameless blog posts and stories and the like.

If you want recs, "A New Sun" may be the single best story to enjoy, in my opinion.

Good to hear from ya, dude; reading your words is a pleasure.

Y-y-your back.

So, will the Cockroach Club return?

Damn it, you're back.

I can ballpark what your answer will be, but I don't suppose you'd be so kind as to change the end of "The Sad, Woeful Sorrow of King Sombra" so that Twilight isn't quite as much of an evil piece of shit to her adopted brother?

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