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Sometimes you just want to hear your favorite story told a little different


It had been a long day of saving the world, and the usually perky pony wanted nothing more than to collapse into bed.

Unfortunately, somepony's waiting at Sugarcube Corner.

Pinkie was fine. She just needed to sleep.

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I rather enjoyed this. It was a good idea to delve into how Maud would react to Pinkie going out to save the world and even though the show would not have it like this I think it was a good idea to have Pinkie have some injuries from a fight that she was involved in. It makes the drama more believable.

I am thinking in my head how Maud would be trying to emote but it would still come out lacking the sound of emotion. Despite that Pinkie would get that emotion anyway.

I love this. I especially love Mrs. Cake talking to Maud.

This is sooo sweet!:twilightsmile:

I really enjoyed your characterization of Maud, and how she reacted to the knowledge that her sister was getting hurt often. It really feels like a protective big sister worrying for her little sister. Well done!

This reminds me of a number of stories I've heard from people whose family members were killed or seriously injured in the Armed Forces, Police and Fire, and just individual civilians making the call to do the right thing, whatever the cost. A mix knowing that their loved ones are heroes, and wishing that someone else had been there instead. I'm specifically reminded of the civilians who ran back into the Twin Towers on 911 to get people out. Ordinary people who rose to do the extraordinary because someone needed them, and if not them, then who? Powerful emotions for you to have evoked here.

You gave just enough details on her injuries (and what caused them) to get the point across, but didn't let it distract from the actual meat of the story. The Limestone tangent was enjoyable, and the eventual argument believable. Seeing Pinkie so exhausted while still being Pinkie is at once heartening and sobering. It was also a nice touch to have Mrs. Cake there. Moving, well-paced, and fitting for the world of MLP. I approve.

I loved it. Exquisite work, never underestimate the love Maud (and Limestone as mentioned) has for their sister. It would really be cool to get Limestone's reaction to Pinkie's constant adventures. Imagine the world of hurt that is sure to ensue! :twilightoops:

That was great. I love the way Maud quickly starts to worry throughout the story.

very very VERY well done! this is probably my favorite maud/pinkie fanfiction ive ever read! no scratch that, best pinkie fanfiction of all the time! just....the characterization is so good here! i wish the show could go there as well, sadly we have that Y7 rating (tho im pretty sure kiddos would handle it no problem and Hasbro is being too paranoid). just, favored, saved, bookmarked! such a wonderful job you did with this, amazing!

Excellent character portrait, but I'll admit I was cackling at Limestone brutalising rocks over the last half.

I very much enjoyed this! It was simple, endearing and truely heartwarming. Bravo! :twilightsmile:

Pinkie giggled and snorted. “No one’s going to come in this late at night. At least, I don’t think any tourist are in town today.” She shook her head, a little harder than needed. “But what are you doing here in the dark, silly? Shouldn’t you be at your cool cave place outside of town? It’s...” she searched around for a clock and when non presented itself, shrugged noncommittally, “...really late.”


Also there's a line break missing a few paragraphs back. Caught this while re-reading. Re-reading because this is still one of my favorite stories.

Fantastic character study on all levels, especially that last line. Mrs. Cake coaching Maud on how to handle being a member of a hero's family was an especially nice touch. Thank you for this.

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