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Sometimes you just want to hear your favorite story told a little different


It had been a long day of saving the world, and the usually perky pony wanted nothing more than to collapse into bed.

Unfortunately, somepony's waiting at Sugarcube Corner.

Pinkie was fine. She just needed to sleep.

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I rather enjoyed this. It was a good idea to delve into how Maud would react to Pinkie going out to save the world and even though the show would not have it like this I think it was a good idea to have Pinkie have some injuries from a fight that she was involved in. It makes the drama more believable.

I am thinking in my head how Maud would be trying to emote but it would still come out lacking the sound of emotion. Despite that Pinkie would get that emotion anyway.

I love this. I especially love Mrs. Cake talking to Maud.

This is sooo sweet!:twilightsmile:

I really enjoyed your characterization of Maud, and how she reacted to the knowledge that her sister was getting hurt often. It really feels like a protective big sister worrying for her little sister. Well done!

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