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It had been a long day of saving the world, and the usually perky pony wanted nothing more than to collapse into bed.

Unfortunately, somepony's waiting at Sugarcube Corner.

Pinkie was fine. She just needed to sleep.

With a review by the Royal Canterlot Library

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I rather enjoyed this. It was a good idea to delve into how Maud would react to Pinkie going out to save the world and even though the show would not have it like this I think it was a good idea to have Pinkie have some injuries from a fight that she was involved in. It makes the drama more believable.

I am thinking in my head how Maud would be trying to emote but it would still come out lacking the sound of emotion. Despite that Pinkie would get that emotion anyway.

I love this. I especially love Mrs. Cake talking to Maud.

This reminds me of a number of stories I've heard from people whose family members were killed or seriously injured in the Armed Forces, Police and Fire, and just individual civilians making the call to do the right thing, whatever the cost. A mix knowing that their loved ones are heroes, and wishing that someone else had been there instead. I'm specifically reminded of the civilians who ran back into the Twin Towers on 911 to get people out. Ordinary people who rose to do the extraordinary because someone needed them, and if not them, then who? Powerful emotions for you to have evoked here.

You gave just enough details on her injuries (and what caused them) to get the point across, but didn't let it distract from the actual meat of the story. The Limestone tangent was enjoyable, and the eventual argument believable. Seeing Pinkie so exhausted while still being Pinkie is at once heartening and sobering. It was also a nice touch to have Mrs. Cake there. Moving, well-paced, and fitting for the world of MLP. I approve.

I loved it. Exquisite work, never underestimate the love Maud (and Limestone as mentioned) has for their sister. It would really be cool to get Limestone's reaction to Pinkie's constant adventures. Imagine the world of hurt that is sure to ensue! :twilightoops:

That was great. I love the way Maud quickly starts to worry throughout the story.

Excellent character portrait, but I'll admit I was cackling at Limestone brutalising rocks over the last half.

I very much enjoyed this! It was simple, endearing and truely heartwarming. Bravo! :twilightsmile:

Pinkie giggled and snorted. “No one’s going to come in this late at night. At least, I don’t think any tourist are in town today.” She shook her head, a little harder than needed. “But what are you doing here in the dark, silly? Shouldn’t you be at your cool cave place outside of town? It’s...” she searched around for a clock and when non presented itself, shrugged noncommittally, “...really late.”


Also there's a line break missing a few paragraphs back. Caught this while re-reading. Re-reading because this is still one of my favorite stories.

Fantastic character study on all levels, especially that last line. Mrs. Cake coaching Maud on how to handle being a member of a hero's family was an especially nice touch. Thank you for this.

Very good, but it's strange that no one mentions that Pinkie WAS chosen to be the Bearer of the Element of Laughter™.

Some fans say that, as a Bearer and Champion of Equestria, she would get a royal stipend for her services, not to mention an "imminent danger" pay that any front-line soldier gets.

I really enjoyed this story, for two reasons. One is that I enjoy these characters being treated as real adventure heroes, subject to the same peril and danger anyone else would be. And the other?

Because of her portrayal in the show, Pinkie is often presented as invulnerable and over-powered, if not omnipotent. I admit I myself have had quite a bit of fun with my few "Pinkiewise" fics. But the context in which Pinkie's powers are exercised in the show is humor. She is the only character in the show who has the same cartoony "powers" that most non-serious cartoon characters have. BUT likewise, her "powers" can't really have any effect on the plot. They are only there to entertain the audience.

For example, we know that when Rainbow Dash and Cranky Doodle tried to get away from Pinkie, they couldn't. No matter where they went she was already there. But the writers would never put her in a situation in which she exercised these "powers" in a fight with a villain. We have also seen two episodes at least where she has been out of breath from running. But because of her role in the show many of us I'm afraid have come to see her as invulnerable at some level.

This story corrects that. This Pinkie isn't a non-Euclidean entity or eternal "eater of worlds and of cupcakes." She is a wonderful sweet pink pony who is sometimes called upon to put her life in danger and to be subject to all sorts of harm. This is the Pinkie this story gives us; she is taking a break from clowning and doing something serious. And the picture it presents of her, her older sisters, and Mrs. Cake is beautifully heartwarming.

I also agree with the poster above who said it was the last line that was the most powerful.

Thank you for this story.

This story reminds me of another story, "To Hell With Destiny" by Jay David. Like him, I think you hit upon the subject of "Why you, not somebody else?" pretty well. Thing is, and I honestly mean no offense, I think he did it a bit better.

Here, Maud and Mrs. Cake accept that there's nothing they can do to directly help Pinkie, and all they can do is be there to welcome her back and let her know that they're there should they ever be needed. Which is true. Sometimes that's all anybody can do for somebody else. And there's nothing wrong with that. And props for that bit at the end, about how knowing that she worries about Pinkie is proof that she loves her.

But in "To Hell With Destiny", it's left more ambiguous. Spike, a child, albeit a mature one, speaks up and gets the Mane 6 to question just what it is they're doing by following a path that somebody else says to to them. Good points are brought up on both sides, but ultimately Spike gets the girls to question of if what they're doing is truly a good thing by following another's whim. Maybe it's just my own view on destiny and fate, along with those who blindly follow it, but that story spoke just a bit louder to me.

Again, though, this was a damn fine story, and I don't regret putting it in my favorites.

Congrats on getting recognized by RCL! You earned it!

You missed another error in that snippet; it should say "tourists" instead of "tourist."

This was a good story, but the missing commas made the grammar awkward and drove me crazy. Sorry I can't give this a favorite. You did a nice job.

Oh man! Would you mind giving me an example of what I missed for future reference? No problem if you don't have time to scan over it again.
Thanks for giving it a read anyway!

I believe the Marines say that the toughest job in the Corps is the wife waiting at home.

I enjoyed that, it was real.

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