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The Buttery Snake Show: Future Plans · 5:21am July 15th

Slowly- -and very carefully- -Buttery Snake crawled out from under his on-stage desk.
“Is it over?” he asked.
“I’m not dead,” replied Unwhole Hole. “So I guess not.”
Buttery Snake slowly climbed into his chair and looked suspiciously at the person sitting in his interview chair. Living in it, in fact, based on how few other guests he got. But that just probably meant that the purpose of the format had diverged from its original intentions.

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I just want to say that the long descriptions for your stories are fantastic and really grab my attention. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Huh, I never noticed you were the same guy who wrote that toaster fic. I need to finish it sometime.

Why didn't I ever find you until now? I'm ashamed of myself.


Thank you for your reply. I am always greatly grateful for feedback, and it is unexpectedly hard to come by on this site. I am also glad you liked the stories.

As for how far I’ve planned this out, well, not much farther beyond where it stands now. I did my best to close up the main plot threads with Thebe Paradigm. There are still a few still open, but with Scootaloo and Starlight’s plotlines closed I don’t know if there’s enough meat left for a full sequel. If I did one, it would probably have to be a spinoff, like a prequel or interqual. Or perhaps one that follows the descendants of the current characters, like Eight’s son and Six’s daughter. Those are just ideas, though, and I’m not going to lie: I may not get around to writing more Mass Core stories, at least not in the near future.

Part of the problem is also the matter of diminishing returns. Every sequel tends to get ¼ to 1/3 the reads as its predecessor, and the farther I get away from Mass Effect and MLP into my own universe the harder it gets for new readers to get into the stories.

With regard to Vocqtus, though, that’s something of a tricky situation. Mass Core is actually a double crossover with a series of non-pony science fiction stories I wrote several years ago. Many of the characters (Bob, Marc Antony, Babylon, Bjorn, Eloth) as well as many ideas (the Vocqtus dimension, the Blue-Lit Machines, the “wendigoes” and the “synths”) come from that storyline. They are explained in more detail there, and I’m having trouble figuring out a way to explain them in the Mass Core universe.

As for spelling and grammar, my spellcheck is probably picking it up. It’s error on my part not to notice. That and I got lazy about installing the various terms in the story into my dictionary. Most of the document is underlined in red. Actually, Microsoft Word even stops spell checking past a point. I had to write most of these stories in two parts.

Sorry for the late reply. Busy with classes and such.
First, Mass Core 3 was great. I like that it took place 278 years later, and that Starlight was nerfed; it would not have been nearly as interesting if she was still at full ridiculously OP "I'm my own spaceship" levels of power. That happened last book and this was a nice change of pace. A lot of stuff was cleared up, but It did open more questions, mostly about that strange planet/dimension. But those will probably be answered in the next book. The ending was good, unexpected, but good. I love the fact that all of your characters seem to act rationally according to what they know. I agree that Bob's...slave? Robot thing?...is pretty OP. I'm gonna need to get a good explanation about him sometime next book.
I did notice a few typos such as to vs too, or know vs no. It was about twice per chapter. Nothing too terrible that would make me put it down (that has happened once, it was an okayish story but combined with the most awful grammar and spelling it became unreadable). I'm actually kind of wondering why they were not caught in the spelling/grammar checker in word or something.
How far out have you planned this story?
Anyway, Mass Core is amazing and ranks in my top 3 with 'Iron Hearts' and 'Optimalverse'.
Keep up the great work and I will probably read your other stuff in the meantime.
I agree with 6: Fluffy ponies are best ponies!

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