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Unwhole Hole

Digging it deeper. Always deeper.


Celestia and Luna package and box Cozy Glow for her final trip to eternal torment in Tartarus.

Starlight shows up and becomes displeased.

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Daring Winifred Do, the youngest daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Equestria, is dispatched with her elder sister to oversee an archaeological expedition deep on the farthest edge of Southern Equestria.

Deep in the Red Desert, archaeologists have unearthed a strange and ominous pyramid. A pyramid that the locals desperately fear--even as they refuse to acknowledge its existence.

Its purpose was forgotten millennia prior. It was abandoned and forgotten, lost to the sands.

And Daring Do quickly realizes that perhaps it was better off left that way.

Chapters (26)

This story is a sequel to Daring Do and the Hand of Doom

A story of the first seven months of the life of Penumbra Heartbreak, the alicorn daughter of King Sombra.

Chapters (84)

A strange hole opens up outside of Ponyville.

Nopony is sure where it came from.

Or where it goes.

Chapters (6)

Derpy, the muffin mare of Ponyville (a tiny, pointless town on the backside of nowhere that nopony at all cares about) suddenly finds that she has fallen pregnant with her second daughter. With no means of supporting herself (let alone a foal), she begins trying to find an alternate source of non-muffin income.

Fortunately, Spoiled Rich offers her a position. A job killing ponies that displease her. And when it comes to Spoiled Rich, there are a LOT of ponies that displease her.

Derpy accepts the job, and performs about as well as would be expected.

Chapters (25)

The Exmoori: a mythic race of ancient warrior ponies who, according to legend, once ruled Equestria not by use of magic but by unspeakable technological creations. All legitimate archaeologists, of course, are aware of the fact that the Exmoor ponies are nothing more than a hoax or fairy tale.

Other entities, however, believe they were very much real.

A pair of mysterious albino Pegasi arrive at the ancestral home of Doctor Caballeron, bringing with them images of a carving in the ancient language of the Exmoori- -and promising him riches beyond his wildest dreams if he can bring them the artifact it mentions.

Simultaneously, a young and discredited academic arrives in Southern Equestria, bearing an ill-gotten fragment of the same text. He presents it to none other than Daring Do, who sets out to prove his theories true- -and to recover an artifact of profound and unknowable danger.

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Rarity dyes her mane pink for a charity ball.

To avoid sending the whole town into a panic, she publishes this fact in the local newspaper.

Unfortunately, homophones happen.

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Twenty thousand years into Twilight Sparkle's rule, the burden of the countless trillions of ponies killed Equestria. Depleted, polluted, and dead, the planet was abandoned. The Goddess Twilight Sparkle and her alicorn compatriots led the surviving ponies to a new life among the stars.

Ponies advanced. They evolved, and grew. A golden age of peace and prosperity occurred that lasted for thousands of millennia.

But that was long ago. Before evolution turned against them, and before the deadly Mortality Virus raged through their ranks. Now, at the twilight of ponykind, their final hope is for a small crew to return to their long-dead and long-forgotten homeworld one last time.

Chapters (38)

Few things bring as much joy to Berry Punch as riding trains. Because of this, she was overjoyed to find a misprinted timetable that listed a new train travelling to Canterlot in the dead of night- -and even more pleased to discover that rumors of a new, experimental type of engine were true.

Except that this train does not run quite on time. And not many ponies seem to be willing to ride it, despite how many cars there seem to be. And how everything is oh so silent. Or, as Berry Punch begins to discover, something she would rather not know about the last train car...

Chapters (12)

Twilight accidentally turns Derpy into a herptile. Herping and/or derping ensues.

Chapters (8)
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