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This story is a sequel to Daring Do and the Hand of Doom

A story of the first seven months of the life of Penumbra Heartbreak, the alicorn daughter of King Sombra.

Chapters (44)
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Comments ( 30 )

Ooh, looking forward to reading this tomorrow.

EDIT: After I read the original story. :twilightblush:

I'm very excited to see where this goes.

This is getting really good.

I love the way this chapter was written. Very unique.


...a simple pair of horizontal, parallel lines.


*looks back at Hand of Doom*

And according to my calculations, we have recently intersected Thirteen’s original timeline. She has been born relatively recently.

Glimmy wat u doin'? :trixieshiftleft:


“Know that if the goddesses come and you allow your father to be defeated, your fate will be the same as mine. Except that the goddesses will not be so kind. Not to you. Not to any of us.”

If they had any inkling that this sort of propaganda had been spread, it perfectly explains why Tia and Lulu didn't go to the Empire themselves when it reappeared. They would have feared sending the populace into a blind panic.

smol robutt frend? :unsuresweetie:

I believe this is the first interpretation I've seen where Nightmare Moon remained an ally to Celestia for a time. It's an interesting idea. Wonder how long it's been and how long it lasts.

The crystal pony within cried out and fled. “You’ll never take me back! Teehee, I’M NEVER GOING BACK!”

dis guy. da real MVP. :pinkiecrazy:

Scarlet Mist paused, and removed her hoof. “Because I don’t think alicorns are like unicorns. We...they...govern their magic with logic, training and intelligence. But for you, it is driven by emotion.”

Iiiiinteresting. I need to ponder that for a while.

It WAS. I confirmed it. My other half was with Starswirl the Bearded when he self-annihilated and took six other ponies down with him.

Aha, so it was Mistmane. Aaand she exists again, in the 'present'...good times, good times.

Now stop making my floor ugly and GO.


Is it wrong that I really love Gxurab/Flock and want to give him all the headpats? Like having a really angry, angsty weasel for a pet. :trollestia:

Huh...I wonder if Penumbra smelled the poisons when she was revolted by the juice, or really doesn't know what's good. Alicorn snoot > crystal poner snoot?

Wait, wait, wait, so 'Holder', as in Holder's Boulder...yeah, clearly now. WTF tho.

Man, Holder was spot-on calling her a teenager.

Rebellious phase, GO!



Oh boy, friends! She can have her own little rebellious teenage goth posse!

This is amazing and I love them all.

(possibly literally, depending on how much attention 'Thirteen' is paying to all this)

This is my favourite chapter so far. I know you wrote in your blog not much people read your stories, but I thought this and the prequel was really engaging. Not much stories manage to hook me for 141k words so far, so hope you don't get demotivated despite the low views.

Facet looked over her shoulder. Hope waved, and Facet shivered.

I image Hope being probably the "cutest" zombie Necrophilo has ever created, happily waving back and smiling.

It was really hard to find a goth Cadance, so here's an edit of https://derpibooru.org/856765
In case it doesn't work: https://i.imgur.com/fagcSVY.png

Don't recall if the horn was ever dyed in the fic however.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

The yellow growth across his neck and face had increased, and was increasing slowly.

Due to this, and his name being Twilight, I guess you can say he's going Twilynanas. 🍌

Nerd Celestia and her adorable guards. :heart:

You may call me Pi.


I'm curious how many Questlords has gone rogue/quit over the years by the time of "Hand of Doom".

The others nodded, and were gone. The time had come. Sombra would rise.


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