Since you cant read the full name of my group I will put it here.
Hector Dabullios group of extreme spiritual power!

Over the years many great fanfics have gone unnoticed because they were overshadowed by lower quality fanfics or ended before people started noticing it.
I do not have much of these forgotten fanfics but i still have good fanfics that are at least worth a look at. The best way to see the rarer fanfics is to go to the box that usually says order: date added in the upper right hand corner of the screen, switch to ratings and go in the back of the folder.

the Wayback Machine is a very good source for recording and seeing internet history, please use it so that less of this beautiful world is lost to the abyss forever. is also doing lots of work on making sure to save all of that information from this site, the wayback machine and Fimfetch onto a separate site in case its taken down from the site it was on. you should take a look at him.

Historical artifact for however long before there is another historical artifact

Abu Musa Jabir Ibn Hayyan was a person from the old islamic world ( known as Geber in latin ) who was said to have made an extremely wide arrange of works on many, many subjects ( like homunculus who are weird midgets with foresight superpowers, because homunculus'es are weird. Wait a minute... what would make people think they could do that in the first place? That they could create artificial humans? Ah right, now I remember, the middle ages were a** backwards ) and in all it it was known as the Jabiran Corpus. However it was discovered in the tenth century Muslim world that he really may not have done all the things we attribute to him, and now we believe he may not have even existed but that he was used as a pseudonym for many underground writers.
But even if this man didn't exist it's pretty interesting to know that a secret society was out there advancing our science for us, whatever it was.

This man, or organization, was also known as the father of chemistry, creating the first known methodical table of chemical elements to exist at that time

There was also a book written in the middle ages that said it was written by Jabir Ibn Hayyan or pseudon Geber as it was called, which is of course impossible since he would have been dead, but because there may have been a secret society that writes under his name it opens up the question if in any way it is connected? The book made advancements on metallurgy.

I would like to use my group to invite you to my own work

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(Pawsigns) Good morning and greets to everyone here.. I’m happy I found this group.

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