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I'm here because my doctors overdosed me on methamphetamines.


This is the story of ponies being mind controlled by evil space parasites and the puppet master of stained glass behind it all, the unholy symbol of the broken, and the filly of the junkyard who controls and speaks with the souls of the dead refuse in the land of wastes, symbolic of everypony wasting away.

The unholy one wants to control everything because as it is, she is so broken that she can only find control by controlling others, and it makes her feel like their is nothing wrong with her when she does, in other words, it is her coping mechanism in life, for being built in the hall of weavers fundamentally wrong.

This description will not influence how I write.

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Why does this story only have a MLP: FiM tag?

How long did it take you to come up with this idea?
random street view

Since my brain is fluid and ever changing, and my highly connective neural circuitry, I had an idea for what to write for every second of it, but I didn't really use that energy. Really I don't suppose I came up with it, my hands are alive, like an alien hand syndrome for every single limb in my body, and my mouth, it does whatever it wants at times, as I suppose I want it too, because if every single hand and leg and limb of my body was not alive, then I wouldn't nearly have as many intelligent voices in my head.
That is to say, I was not thinking about this at all when I wrote it, and it had no planning, and everything I write continues to be connected no matter how much I had no planning, but if you want to be a super genius by losing your sense of identity, or at least the normal, sane, meaning of it, you can do it too! Just sell your soul away to me.
The first part is becoming more and more intelligent, being more estranged from everyone around you as you can't relate with their problems, becoming cold and cynical, then breaking through to the other side, becoming cold, cynical, and finding the simple joys of the meaningless universe to be beautiful while also looking at the entire universe objectively as a place without meaning nor purpose, but then again, a gods purpose may be no better then a mans, because there both just a purpose.

How Poignant!
Its like when you first play the piano, and you already play like Mozart, except it took me two years to have jazz hands, most of that not spent writing, and yes I am objectively the best at writing about things I do not care about at all, which is a lot of things, depending on the situation.
I used to be a little boy, overdosed on drugs from my nervous grandma and had no idea what was going on in the world, destined to die of constipation on the toilet by my heart giving out just like Elvis Presley, now look at me, I'm a man!

I should probably turn my username to My Life Is a Practical Joke.

And I love it, it's hilarious watching everyone around me fall into mental breakdowns and I just don't know why they can't deal.

The line is thin.

I also don't suppose that my poetic licencing in the way I wrote count as ideas per say, just a way of saying it. When I go searching for ideas between the lines, I usually don't find much.

I write silly things, I will continue to write silly things the way I always write silly things, do not take my serious things seriously, because I take them silly. This is a disclaimer.

could be interesting, hope there is more to this.

I have the urge to work on my less interesting stories because due to the rules of the universe and psychology whenever someone works on something less intelligent, it gets more views, and it's like, every other story on the new story board gets at least a hundred, but I get less then thirty, it is a subconscious reaction. I plan on doing more, but not all of me plans on doing more, but I do think I will do more, because I want to do more. I think I might have to instigate the rule of emotional forward pay for the first portion and then have the later side of the paycheck given when I finish the job.
Maybe I could work on something really dumb that catches short attention spans, then rapidly change their expectations by actually making it good? So it has to be reactionary, revolutionary, and instigatory, no press is bad, as they say, because it is attention, and it is up to you to decide whether or not it is good or bad.

Or I might never do that, not that I have to, I don't have to bring the laws of business and manipulating a crowd to my own ends to a little girls show fanfiction website, not that I know any business mind you, But I know that the mind works on two things, Soft nostalgia for things people already know and don't want to know anymore about, and getting really, really angry, so what if I get them really really angry about something they have soft nostalgia for by making a purposely bad good fanfiction that changes the tone of everything every second?

Has to have bad running gags, irrelavent jokes, a guy called Captain Obvious, ten thousand pounds of sweaty flesh and jokes that are kind of funny but only if you don't understand it. It has to be written like schizophrenic poetry at times and at others it has to be actually good, but inconsistent, and the interest in it has to be more maintained by a morbid curiosity in whats going to happen next then any actual overarching story writing, if I pull that off, I my just have an in, it could also have some secret messages here and there. I should constantly just retcon everything I'm writing too, but then later it makes sense because of time travel, which makes no sense because time travel doesn't make sense, it makes no sense because to retcon everything using time travel, you have to make paradoxes, to make paradox you have to break the laws of physics and reality, so it seems to make no sense if you really think about it. The entire story is just a bunch of excuses for why it makes sense, but for most people it does, and it not making sense comes at the end of the masterful deception that first makes you think it makes no sense, and then makes you feel like it makes sense, so that usually, in most cases, no one will realize that it actually makes no sense. Between the high grade mathematical equations that don't really mean anything, and everything becoming a running gag but also rocket science, and having the deepest, most nonsensical, whimsical, yet well produced and slaved at for ten years story in the world, by breaking all normal formalities and conventions of writing i'll be there.

This description will not influence how I write.

What do you mean by that?

Well, what ever I put on there kind of subconsciously influences me, so I kind of tell it we are going free form, so it's just for me and my muscle memory to keep it from looping around the center point of the story just because I said it was the story, so it doesn't have to follow the rules of the story so it could make new rules and new stories in the story. I decided to put it down because if I didn't I immediately get writers block from the feeling of having to write a certain thing due to it flashing in my head. It's very efficient, it's got a certain goal and it doesn't dilly dally.

I wasn't really ready for the story to have a description.

hard to make out what is actually happening in but it is interesting. I do find it interesting that there ponies were taken away to another world and aparently mutaded, for purpuses. Looking forward to see more of this.

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