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Welcome to the Flashfic group! This is the home of the Flashfic 150 contest, a simple monthly event for 150-word flash fiction. No prizes, no pressure, just fun! (Yep: the lack of any real prizes is deliberate.) Please see the "Rules and Q&A" thread in the forum for more details on how Flashfic 150 works.

October contest now open. All welcome! (Prompt: "The Generous and the Dead")

September's winner: Impossible Numbers for Regal Obligations (prompt: "Before the Throne")

You can also use the forum here to discuss flash fiction -- for the purposes of this group, that means literary works shorter than the 1,000-word limit Fimfiction imposes on single stories. If you have an anthology of flashfics, feel free to submit it to the Anthologies folder. And if you expand any of your flash fiction into a standalone story, feel free to submit that to the Expanded Flashfics folder.

This is a Teen-rated group, so please avoid NSFW fics or discussion topics.

Have fun! :twilightsmile:

Group banner from "Tanks for the Memories"; provided by hawthornbunny.
Group icon adapted from this public domain image; provided by Loganberry.

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