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Upheavology: The Layers of the Eternal Herd · 5:20am Last Thursday

The Planar Layers of the Eternal Herd

Travel within the Eternal Herd

Each layer of the Eternal Herd stretches out infinitely. One cannot walk from Elys to Empyrea as they would walk the blessed fields forever. Alicorns, through the Throne's blessing, can simply will themselves to a different layer at a location of their choosing or next to a natural portal if they do not choose. Some natural portals between layers exist, appearing as large, permanent gates.

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Thanks and you're welcome.

Here's a follow for ya.
Thanks for sharing your talent. Top notch

I just wanted to say that I love the Upheaval series and that you're doing an amazing job. : )

I realy like your stories.

you do this for fun, right? well, even though, you should consider getting a patreon. Not for makong a living if you don't want to, but in order to... i don't know. make it more easy for enthausiasts of your work to let you know.

if not that, do you have a PO box? i would love to send you some delicasies from my homecountry.

  • Viewing 126 - 130 of 130
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