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NaNoWriMo · 11:31am Wednesday

I don't know if National Novel Writing Month is still a thing, but I'm attempting it again anyway. I failed the last attempt with "The Void Rift Crisis". Hopefully, this one will yield better results. The fic is called "The Moaning Top Incident" and will be a part of the Upheaval world.

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Will you do a blog about the other races like you did with the dragons? One for the Wolven, Ophidites, and Ursan? I’m a bit of a sucker for Lore, and my brain has been running in circles trying to digest and put together the little pieces on each of them, the Ophidites especially who remain one of my favorite things in Upheval

Also, I noted in a reading I heard over YouTube that was changed from Breaking point. In it, Celestia says that Systh(I don’t think I spell that right) wanted a source of food and considered Ponies to be delicious, but now it says he was wanted a source of slaves. I’m guess that was a later change to make the Ophidites more notable that just some predator to the ponies?

Yes. The next chapter is 2/3 down. Expect Pinkie and Fluttershy chapters to take longer as I don't like those two.

Are you going to finished the 3rd part of upheaval

In the middle of reading the Upheval series, which I must say is an absolutely fantastic piece of work and is my second favorite series on this sight so far, and I happened to listen to a song by Aviators called "Bodies wash ashore," and it gave me massive 6 companions vibs. Could totally picture one of them singing it!:twilightsheepish:

Thanks and you're welcome.

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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