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Upheavology: The Southern Barrier Land · 5:00am January 11th

Upheavology: The Southern Barrier Land

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Reading your series a third time. Love the True Earth Ponies every time. Just thought I'd say

Great work on the upheaval series, but havent updated in a year... I was just wondering if youll ever continue or not. It'd be a real shame if you just stopped midway through two incomplete covers.

So, uh, are you alive man? Not meaning to be rude, by expect for that story post you’ve been dead and I’m honestly getting just a little worried that something happened

How have you been, as well as, how are the stories you're working on coming along?

Will you do a blog about the other races like you did with the dragons? One for the Wolven, Ophidites, and Ursan? I’m a bit of a sucker for Lore, and my brain has been running in circles trying to digest and put together the little pieces on each of them, the Ophidites especially who remain one of my favorite things in Upheval

Also, I noted in a reading I heard over YouTube that was changed from Breaking point. In it, Celestia says that Systh(I don’t think I spell that right) wanted a source of food and considered Ponies to be delicious, but now it says he was wanted a source of slaves. I’m guess that was a later change to make the Ophidites more notable that just some predator to the ponies?

  • Viewing 133 - 137 of 137
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