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Is that a terrorist?!?

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Upheavology: The Southern Barrier Land · 5:00am January 11th

Upheavology: The Southern Barrier Land

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Hope you’re doing alright in these trying times.

This is a guess, but I think it was either one of two things:

One, his old master had mind powers, so maybe the stare reminded him of them; or two, the Stare drew on what he feared the most, which was his old master. Whatever exactly happened, I think Scarlet mistook or hallucinated Fluttershy for his old master in that moment.

Just finished my fourth reading of the series. I was surprised to find the third book and liked the mini stories for each characters growth.

It must be so hard to make 10 chapters for every char and try to make it interesting and inspired. Worse with people complaining if everything isnt special and unique all the while. Still, I enjoyed it.
I still wonder what pinkies solution to the true earth pony politics will be.
I still wonder how spike will handle his envy phase. I just finished reading that and was so thoroughly captured.
I plan on reading everything else you wrote on the upheaval uni. Its always a fun time.
Best of luck, even if it takes another few years ill be sure to check in.

Was the 6th rebellion Terrato falling in love with Black Rose, or trying to make her an alicorn?

  • Viewing 139 - 143 of 143
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