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The Show · 9:18am August 19th

I haven't been keeping up with the show. The episodes just haven't been able to pique my interest. I watched the Maud one. I hated the boyfriend character, I thought his verbal tic was incredibly annoying. However, I enjoyed watching every Maud ship sink, though not as much as watching every Big Mac ship sink. I liked how Limestone pretty much has the healthiest relationship with Pinkie by virtue of being independent of her. She has no need for Pinkie to speak for her,nor does she need Pinkie

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In the middle of reading the Upheval series, which I must say is an absolutely fantastic piece of work and is my second favorite series on this sight so far, and I happened to listen to a song by Aviators called "Bodies wash ashore," and it gave me massive 6 companions vibs. Could totally picture one of them singing it!:twilightsheepish:

Thanks and you're welcome.

Here's a follow for ya.
Thanks for sharing your talent. Top notch

I just wanted to say that I love the Upheaval series and that you're doing an amazing job. : )

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