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Visiden Whines It: Secrets and Pies · 11:55pm Saturday

Pinkie: Hi, Rainbow Dash, I just made up a stupid occasion involving you. What kind of pastry would you like to celebrate it?

Rainbow: Well, Pinkie, I'd be fine with anything other than pies.

Pinkie: Okay!


Pinkie: Hey, Rainbow, I baked you a pie in celebration of a stupid occasion I made up on the spot!

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    I realy like your stories.

    you do this for fun, right? well, even though, you should consider getting a patreon. Not for makong a living if you don't want to, but in order to... i don't know. make it more easy for enthausiasts of your work to let you know.

    if not that, do you have a PO box? i would love to send you some delicasies from my homecountry.

    2428096 Crime does exist in the Eternal Herd, albeit in extremely rare moments. The First Rebellion was a crime after all. As with most forms of extradimensional travel, the alicorn ability to shift between planar layers can be blocked by Dimensional Anchor and even more powerful spells.

    Can I ask you a quick question; is there crime in the Eternal Heard? If there is, how exactly do you imprison an alicorn when they can instantly move to another "layer" of their world? It was said in your story Sire that for The King and Celestia can just will themselves to Ida and then back to wherever they were before. Can all alicorns do that so effortlessly? Sorry this comment went on for longer than I thought it would, please respond.

    Oh wow your back I thought we lost you:pinkiecrazy:

    I remember a long time ago you mentioned you were writing original material non-associated with mlp. Did anything ever come of that?

    • Viewing 122 - 126 of 126
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