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Is that a terrorist?!?


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A training session is nothing special to Pyre Valor. At least, it normally isn't. Sometimes, things get a little messy and the best answer isn't always fire.

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Pyre Valor is my favourite character :twilightsmile: Thanks Visiden

Nightcanter is the real mvp of the Upheaval series.
Glad to see her in action again, especially against a powerful mage like Pyre.

Good stuff all around.

As soon as Pyre turned towards his direction, Vanguard pursed his lips, then poined them towards the pegasus' hiding spot.

Pointed Unicorn?

One of your best one-shots.

I like what Terrato said. Given that he expects to rule future generations, he needs to be concerned about foals being produced and then raised in stable, healthy environments.

Pyre Valour and Blade Mane’s deaths were possibly my favourite chapter Reckoning. I had been bored at the start because I’d been certain Twilight would go to Celestia and say ‘There’s good in her, I’ve seen it’ and then Celestia would lean on Terrato and Terrato would pardon Pyre who would then owe her life to Twilight and be utterly furious about it. Instead, Terrato actually stood up for his laws.

Pyre Valor thinks she can pass judgement on innocent Ponies and decide what's best for everyone when she's apparently so ignorant of how the world works that she doesn't even know about homosexuality. Oh and top of racism and a blatant disregard for Pony life, she's also a homophobe now on top of everything else. :facehoof:

And who the hay is she to judge Nightcanter for what she gets up to in her off-duty time? Yeah she sleeps around, but you don't see her maliciously clutching a Pony's heart and shattering it to pieces because she was a "failure". This chapter actually made me like Nightcanter though, her I can sympathise with.

Did I mention how Pyre's burning suicide was too fucking quick and easy a death for her? Pony deserved to rot behind bars for the rest of her miserable life. When Gravitas of all Ponies and a sadist like Lion Court are genuinely more likable than you, you have fucked up.

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