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My name is Steel Point, once the faithful apprentice and servant of Lady Ash Frost, First of the Heroes of the Legion.

She tasked me with recording her words, for posterity, confident as she was that they will hold great value to others in the future. I know full well the great songs and legends already being crafted to honor her memory. My meager praises will add nothing. I offer instead these few words from her, so that others may learn more than just her greatness.

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And now we see where Project: Longstride comes from. I wonder if the squire had any role in that, or if it was conceived well afterwards.

I was secretly hoping we would get to hear more about some of Equestria's famous legends.
Still I wonder if Emperor Sesyth had an exchange with Ash Frost after she grazed him.
Or the more likely scenario is that particular detail was Legion propaganda to help glorify her suicide run.

Awesome stuff all around, especially for the lore junkies.

Fascinating. I particularly liked the style here.

I love how the barrier lands feel as alive and full of history as equestria. Just as a Trixie episode will have her ego off the charts and attract an ursa minor, a braggart fighting the snakes will tempt fate.

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/ |__

I'm sorry.

She sounds a bit of a narcissist; maybe like a female Benedict Cumberbatch.

If killing one enemy officer means one more pony that doesn't need to be drafted, and spends a lifetime contributing to government coffers through tax of a normal job rather than draining government coffers through legion pay; Ash Frost's deal was more than fair for the government.

I've wondered about Ash Frost for quite some time, and now all I'm thinking is that I really feel sorry for Moon Rage.

If these are the 'inspiring and wise' things that Steel Point chose to record, I can't imagine what she was like on a normal day.

Lady Ash Frost won the annual Highstable Archery Contest thirty consecutive times along many other lesser tournaments and personal challenges. I attended to her in each one, always expecting that moment of humiliation when the crowd would laugh at her for not living up to her boasts.

This is the only part that doesn't make any sense. Firstly it means Ash Frost was legendary before she ever won a Highstable tournament.

Secondly it puts a big question on her age. Even if she was just 15 when she took Steel Point as an apprentice (unlikely), then she was at least 45 when she died. If she was 30 when she has Longstide, (rather old for a first child), Longstide would have been 15 when he died, and if Ash Frost had an apprentice at that age she wouldn't have considered him a colt. The alternatives are that she was well past 30 when she had Longstride, got an apprentice when she was really young, or that Steel Point misspoke.

Ash Frost was an arrogant fool who fell in love with her own legend, and her son died for it.

It almost makes me glad that the current Longstride is the exact opposite of Ash Frost in many ways. He doesn't boast and he cares more about the sacrifices made to bring him about than of his own personal skill or fame. Breaking Point Rainbow was kind of like Ash Frost but that attitude was beaten out of her pretty quickly thankfully.

Apple Slice is best Legion hero. :ajsmug:

This level of narcissism and boastfulness is only a deterrent if she's not really the best Ranger in the world.

Oh I see where this is going now. I had forgotten where the name Ashfrost fit into the canon, but after seeing that her child was named Longstride...

This will end badly.

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