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Is that a terrorist?!?


Lexarius the steward, the alicorn sent by the Herd to aid those oppressed by the Everlasting Kingdom and their own tainted heritage, seeks to help those he considers his new kin. The first step, however, proves difficult as he must preside over a meeting that reveals old hatreds that may well destroy his path before he could even take it.

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What is dis?

Most likely something epic if you wrote it.

~The lizardman is curious as to where this shall go, so he shall fave this story

While there are numerous important events that have been alluded to in the main story, I'm really glad that this particular affair was explored in more detail. I guess it's that sweet combination of Eternal Herd politics and the turbulent ambitions of mortals which has me hooked.
Not to mention Rock Maven finally gets some well deserved screen time. :twilightsmile:

However I was particularly impressed by how well the relationships between the three factions was illustrated. The sense of dubiety surrounding their situation felt genuine to me as a reader, which helped me sympathize with the complex nature of their predicament.

Overall good stuff, these Upheaval mini stories have been nothing short of intriguing.

Based Rock Maven

Another mini-story? Awesome! Though I am wondering when the new chapter of Reckoning will be coming out. :twilightsheepish:

Hmm, so Vestibulum is a plane that belongs to no one...
Another interesting reference to The Sixth, and again, not exactly a positive one...
Traitorous members of the Graywing Elite, escaped earth pony slaves, and remnants of the old unicorn kingdom, what a motley crew we've got here.
Visiden, have I mentioned your amazing ability to come up with unique descriptions for even minor characters? Also, do you have something for being completely covered in armor, even the face? Because that's at least five characters by now.
Magma Dart seems to be the founder of the ideology of the True Earth Ponies, while Rock Maven is a nice guy, wonder how much that will come up in Pinkie and True Earth Ponies' debate about ideology which I know is coming...
So Lexarius's horn of plenty doesn't create food, it simply summons it from the Eternal Herd, where it has to be grown normally.
A sacrificial Earth Pony...that's certainly dark.
Teeth and innards of a carnivore, poor Wind Glance, Pansy was quite the mad doctor...
Hmm, what would the True Earth Ponies think of their beloved leader loving a Pegasus, especially a freak of the Greywing Elite like Wind Glance? Pinkie trying to convince them to change their ways will certainly be interesting...
Of all the descriptions in there, the one I was most looking forwards to wasn't there: Lexarius's.

"Yes, your majesty.(")

to see how they would develop

Kinda got sidetracked with the storytelling after that, but I tried^^

she galloped ahead and opened it.

Should it not be "to open it"?

Shield of the Kingdom combined powerful, heavy hits with well-timed spell-casting in battle.

After that, It was hopeless to see anything past the delicious. I get the feeling this was basically written in one rather unedited sitting :twilightsmile:

I'm not even an amateur editor, but I hope I was of service.
Eagerly awaiting for your next update.


somehow i knew Rock Maven was a nice guy all along

I kinda don't like the shipping though.

Oh heck yeah, more Upheaval lore that I am very interested in learning more about.

Mirror knight and Royal Aegis already? Heh, DkS2 was that big a hit with you was It?

Not complaining though, I like finding the Dark Souls references :pinkiehappy:

Hm. An odd one, this. Lexarius's role in the story is one that I've felt off about since the very beginning, from his first appearance where he just felt shoehorned in at first, to all the later expansion that just sounded nothing like him at all, and to be honest, this isn't helping much. If anything, it makes it even more unbelievable. I was kind of hoping that a Lexarius side-story would focus more on the fall, because that's the big piece that's missing here: the series of events that somehow turned a law-abiding steward of the Eternal Herd and champion of mortals into a nigh-omnipotent chimera creature who uses reality-warping powers to cause chaos and terrorise mortals for fun. Yeah, who else remembers that Lexarius is meant to be Discord, by the way?

You see the problem, don't you? These two extremes are so far removed from one another, that to gloss over the transition by just saying he went mad is a massive cop-out. I've been trying to ignore it until now, but this unfortunately brings it into the forefront, and I am once again left wanting answers. Detailed answers, too. What caused him to change his body? Why did he adopt chaos specifically as the guiding principle of his new ideology? Why did he start referring to himself as a spirit, and where did the name 'draconequus' come from if it's apparently not a real species? This whole Lexarius backstory is so ill-fitting for a character like Discord, and I honestly don't know why it's in the fic. Lexarius's role in the story could have just as easily been filled by an actual OC with none of these problems.

Regardless, more backstory is always appreciated, and I am glad we got to see the origins of this alliance. And Rock Maven is totally Havel the Rock.


And I can answer with such a story. As best I can anyway. The descent to madness is a very complicated thing to portray. Too much of stretch? Perhaps. I am going for Sheogorath/Jyggalag here, well a much nicer Jyggalag anyway. But such a story will be a long time in the waiting given the significant delays and plans. This is not really a Lexarius story despite it being in his point of view.

Nigh-omnipotent is too strong a word, I think. Perhaps he is in the show. Then again, Twilight's head is strong enough to take on an anvil dropped from more than ten feet in the show. It's hard to separate power scale from cartoon fun often, but I will say that nigh-omnipotent will be too strong to describe either Lexarius or Discord in this world.


Yes, it certainly was.


As long as it gets answered at all, I guess I'll be happy. I'm just saying that it's a major discrepancy that has been left unaddressed for a while now, and I don't think Discord was a good choice for this story role. Lexarius would've been a stronger character without that connection.

This was amazing! I really love all this backround knowledge. Although the only thing that bothers me is that there was no description of Lexarius. Oh well, for now I'll just imagine him as a gray alicorn with black mane like in "Twilight's kingdom" Can't wait for more :)

And Rock Maven is obviously Havel the rock, with his dragon tooth great hammer


>tfw you didn't make that connection at first, but feel stupid because it's obvious, lol.

10 bits says Wind Glance is Fluttershy's ancestor and Fluttershy's connection to animals comes from Rock Maven. That would actually explain a lot, like how Fluttershy can talk to animals, is physically strong enough to overpower all of her friends (including two strong Earth Ponies) and why she feels more comfortable on the ground in general. Can't give the Windigo all the credit. :yay:

Noticed you didn't describe Lexarius, this is almost certainly because he will appear later in the main story and you're saving it for then. I've gotta say I agree with DannyJ, Lexarius would be better off if he wasn't Discord (I'd have rathered Discord be from another divine race than a warped pony but what's done is done), you could still have Lexarius go mad but perhaps him ending up more like Sombra would make more sense as he could keep his Alicorn form.

Starswirl the Bearded and Rock Maven are best ancient Ponies. :twilightsmile:

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