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Is that a terrorist?!?

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Adorably violent

Yo. Vizzy.

Totes adorbs.

This was quite good.

Indeed, also great insight into the culture of the Eternal Herd, and Dominos' personality.

I really like how you frame their family interactions in terms of the more formal Eternal Herd procedures. Lovely fic.


That... that's really about all I have to say. I always admire a well-done inclusion of Celestia's famous personality quirk, and this certainly had that. along with a few enjoyable fatherly moments.

Another interesting work, Visiden. :twilightsmile:

"My hoof hurts," she said, settling into his long, golden mane of sunfire. "And I'm weak from from hunger."

Lose one from

Liked the story and seeing Dominus with young Celestia. Still mad at him for never talking to Luna directly before sending his kids off to Equestria.

Are we going to find out more about how enforcers work? It seems they can't be summoned in Equestria though.

Well that was adorable, eventual Celestia vs Solis Coruscaria fight is inevitable. Though you might surprise me by having Solis expect to fight Celestia during the ninth rebellion only to be faced with Luna instead while Celesita gives Umbra the righteous ass-kicking the sister-possessing mule deserves. :trollestia:

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