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(Part of the Upheaval World) What makes one thing a blessing or a curse? The source, the circumstances, or just the will of the one it's placed upon? In an Old Kingdom ruin, some ponies will find out the hard way.

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This was a good origin story.

Interesting to see the birth of Warsinger, but I'd like to see the 'next' chapter. How Black Rose goes about capturing, harnessing and using Rhapsody and the spirit.


Blue Moon recruited Rhapsody in "Growing Thorns".

7436136 - Somehow I missed that one, so I just read it and found out, but there's still a bit of a gap, from Rhapsody seeing the wraith killing her father to she somehow controls it as an elite member of the Legion. Though granted she was probably pressed into service, a weapon that powerful must be controlled and all that. Still... curious how it was brought to heel.

The great delve choir. Some how I imagine them singing gregorian chant style music.

Cool short story. It was interesting getting a bit of backstory on Rhapsody.

Gravel Paw is an odd name for a pony.

The origins of warsinger are interesting enough. I just can't really find it in me to care at all about Raphsody when I know, barring maybe a cameo appearance in the Eternal Herd, she's not going to be appearing in the current storyline with Octavia having effectively taken her place.

I will say that this felt like the premier episode of an anime which made it enjoyable, anyone else get that impression?

What's up with that author's note at the end? Threw the story in a weird way once I read it. Other than that, I quote enjoyed this.

That note is for Reverbrony who comitted the heresy of saying he used to think Rarity was best pony, but switched to Twilight.

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