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Is that a terrorist?!?


Alicorns are no strangers to battle. Within the vastness of the Eternal Herd is a plane where violence reigns. A young Sanctus Dominus, still a long way away from his kingship, encounters a former monarch in the battlefield.

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Thanks for this one Visiden, I've been itching for some updates on the world of Upheaval.

It was to my understanding that Canite would cease to be by the time the sixteenth cycle begins, having only been restored by the eleventh cycle.
Yet he said that he will look for Dominus when he is restored... Departuring Ida, or restored in his form to last another few cycles?

Well written, I would have liked it to have been more watered out though - Spoil us please :moustache:

An Eternal Herd story? :pinkiegasp: Awesome!
Hmm, so the Eternal Herd stretches over many planes or could other celestial beings access Ida? Another unanswered question, is the mortal world just another plane or something different?
How many Alicorns are there? Hundreds? Thousands? More? How many are soldiers compared to those who are not or do all alicorns posses combat prowess greater than mortals?
So Alicorns go through a process of losing power to the point of non-existence then regaining it, apparently retaining their memories...so if new Alicorns can be born, how hasn't the Eternal Herd suffered from overpopulation yet? (I guess they do have infinite land...)
So both Dominus and Celestia have the power of sunlight...wonder how their similar powers will interact when both are in the mortal world? Who would move the sun? Or will the 9th rebellion be so action filled that neither would have the time/power to move the sun, possibly leaving it up to some other Alicorn...how do Alicorn powers interact with each other? Would Dominus be able overpower Celestia when it comes to controlling the sun, obviously Celestia was able to control the moon while Luna was banished, but Luna mentioned it required co-operation to get a perfect sun/moon rise/set when Black Rose took over the job...
Could Terrato control either the sun or the moon if no other Alicorn tried to stop him? Or are his powers restricted to the Earth because that's where he gets his power from?

So many questions! :twilightblush:

As far as lore goes I have secretly hoped for a one off tale about the Grand Arena in Arcanotropolis.
However the battle plane of Ida would probably make that place look like amateur hour at a community theater XD

The story was short, sweet, and gave something for the lore junkies to ruminate over.
What more could an Upheaval fan ask for? :ajsmug:

This is a nice inside look of the eternal herd, very nice read :pinkiehappy:

Eternal herd lore and backstory, everything I wanted.

That description of the former monarchs is especially juicy. Makes me wonder if we'll see any of them show up in the main story. The Sixth really has me wondering, being singled out as the missing one is a tad suspicious. That said, this is clearly dated thousands of years pre-show, so that's a lot of time for the status quo as described here to get mixed up. I can only assume that Oceanus' rebellion made a huge impact, for example, not to mention the subsequent events involving Equestria. The eternal herd seems to be heaven for the mortal ponies based on AJ's near death experience and some of the other references we've gotten, that probably also made a difference in how the herd operates.

Okay, the Sixth is definitely suspicious now with mention of this Agamanthion device.

Final question, the Fourth's daughter, Celestia and Luna’s mother by any chance?


Ida is actually equestria before the wolve & snake & bear guys came to it from their planes


string theory, i never saw you so lost in one comment xD

Anyways, The King and Queen cannot enter the mortal world. Simply because their power is soo immense that they would destroy half of the mortal world just by being there.

I forgot in which chapter this was mentioned, but it was too astounding and awesome to forget. :pinkiehappy:

Initially I thought that was the case, but nope. There are totally different laws involving alicorn death between Ida and the mortal plane. In Ida if an Alicorn is incapacitated in any way, shape, or form you're kicked out but then can immediately return, in the mortal plane if a Alicorn gets 'censured' they can never return to the mortal plane. Interesting idea though...

With the King and Queen unable to enter this world without annihilating half of it [...] (Reckoning chapter 9)

Huh, you're right...wonder how the ninth rebellion will work out for the mortal races when the King actually does enter the mortal realm if he's actually that powerful...

they would be wiped out since the ninth rebellion is the end of the world, so it says in the fic.

The mortal world cant even contain an alicorn attuned to the throne, let alone let two of them fight each with a respective "throne".

4201164 Unless you've got a quote that it would be the definitive end of the world the only time I really remember it being discussed is when Terrato was introducing the rebellions:

"I'd say the end of Equestria but who am I to say what The King will do when 'roused to anger'? He could just scold us for being so disobedient." -Terrato (Breaking Point chapter 40)

So apparently no one (in-story and who's talking) knows what exactly would happen during the ninth rebellion. It would be one heck of a downer ending if equestria gets wiped out imeditately after the King arrives to fight Oceanus, unless Visiden's got a trick up his sleeve

wont be a downer for me (i love tragic end of the world endings)

And daym you're good at finding quotes from the right chapters.

4202083 My mind's wired for remembering where quotes are for whatever reason, plus having both stories as complete files makes finding whatever I don't remember very easy.

Lord of Sunlight

I see what you did there. I hadn't gotten into Dark Souls yet the first time I read Upheaval, but I'm seeing all the references now.

Really interested in this Agamanthion and alicorn diminishing. Hope to see these expanded, whether in the main stories or in another side-story like this. Personally, I'd love to see more oneshots expanding on the already rich lore of the Upheaval series. It really makes the world feel alive. Hope that you send this into EqD soon and get it on the story's page there too.

Silva inber... I see what you did there.

It turns out this is the only short story that I've read thus far. Definitely something I'll be rectifying in the near future. Thanks for the additional worldbuilding.

Some typos:

“It was an honor, Fourth, but I am not future Sixteenth Ascendant. Turbo Pinnae is.”

not "the" future

You daughter?”

"Your" daughter

So from what I gather, Alicorns eventually "diminish" but then restore themselves after a certain period of time. However does that happen even when they are killed in battle (within the Eternal Herd I mean, not when they're in another world or Ida or something).

I get the feeling Luna at this point should have at least a few jealous thoughts concerning Celestia's ascension that would eventually lead to her letting Nightmare Moon possess her. Bitterness like that doesn't just appear overnight, otherwise this was fine for the world building aspect.

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