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This story is a sequel to Upheaval: Breaking Point

Following the events of Breaking Point, Twilight Sparkle and her friends discover that Equestria's demise may not come from an enemy invasion, but from within. The Barrier Lands and the Heartland begin the slow and uneasy process of reuniting into a single Equestria, but this long-delayed joining is already in danger at its conception.

With Celestia's power in her grasp and her agents by her side, the wheels of Black Rose's plans for Equestria's future continue to turn. However, her brazen gamble has done more than just bring down a centuries-old barrier. Ancient powers begin to stir: the remnants of a dark period in Equestria's history, the immortal inhabitants of Celestia's homeworld, and a rising tide of darkness coming ever closer.

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Is the a side-story to breaking point or is bp already finished ?

261479 Breaking Point is finished. Reckoning is the sequel.

You really should update bp's status to complete, It makes things clearer

Glad to see this on FimFiction. Tracked. And YOU are a man/women of few words. hopefully this place will make you talk. *Laughs Manically while rubbing hooves together* Indeed it will...

Romance? 0_o Applejack x Vanguard is the only shipping that springs to mind. I take it that's going to go a lot further then.

suddenly, the chapters are longer! And everything is shiny and new! it's like a whole new story!:ajbemused: Anyway, great writing as always. nothing much more to say, as this was sort of filler.

Nice chapter - AJ's gonna' use a kusari! One of my favorite weapons! :pinkiehappy: And if you consider her skill with a lasso, it makes quite a good deal of sense. Oh, fighting chains, how you set my heart aflutter.

Yes.... moorree!!! Can't wait for the next one! It's gunna be awshum!

Add another chapter to breaking poit, telling everyone that there is a sequel. I'm lucky I saw the EQD post about it.

good to see this has been posted here
will the EQD link be to here, fanfiction.net, or both?

Quick! use your lasso of truth Wonderwo- *coughs I mean Applejack:rainbowlaugh:

YES!! IT UPDATED!! Now to read it in 10 minutes and wait for the next one.... *Reads* Shit. She said yes. Can't wait to watch/read teh next action scene with Night Mare. I eagerly await the next chapter. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::twilightsheepish:

Aw man I hope they don't have to kill scarlet rabbit, he's awesome.

What's that, Dash? You need to perform some foolhardy heroics to prove yourself and make up for that time one of your best friends had to be saved by divine intervention because you got her killed trying to perform some foolhardy heroics to prove yourself?

I know! Why not accept that challenge from the guy you got your friend killed trying to impress? The crazy one that your superiors and friends all warned you to steer clear of. You know, the visibly deranged lunatic who tried to kill the last guy he raced? Who's on his last strike before they put him down like a rabid dog, as a public service? The guy who's fast enough to snatch you from the head of the march without anyone noticing, and strong enough that he can overpower you without any visible effort on his part, all while wearing armor? And hey, he doesn't want any witnesses – that's cool, right?

Meanwhile, Pinkie is attracting Earth Pony supremacists. Their sect has turned their backs even on their own kind in the past, so I expect their loyalty to the well-being of Equestria is less than certain. I doubt Pinkie would give up her friends just to please some bigoted strangers – rather, I think it's more likely that they won't be willing to leave a pony of her talents amongst... undesirable influences.

Oh, Rainbow... :facehoof:

I'm fascinated to know that Pinkie Sense might have its roots in actual science, and that she's not breaking the 4th Wall or any some such. Even if those True Earth Ponies are really creepy and kinda crackpottish.

Hey Pinkie can you say sanctioned psyker?:pinkiecrazy:

Awesome, glad to see the Upheaval stories posted to this site.

Also :rainbowdetermined2::facehoof:

Im hoping for some sort of acknowledgement of the fact that, regardless of beliefs, pegasi continue to be able to sit on, "milk", move and shape clouds, even in the barrier lands. That should allow control of the weather, regardless of beliefs, if they just tried. I'm also awaiting word on pinkie's teleportation, fourth wall, shapeshifting, contortionist and bard powers. And i do mean powers, just read any fanfic or watch the series over again. In war, offscreen teleportation, hammerspace, charisma (already shown), and rubber limbs, if not limited to rule of funny, are near-demigodlike powers, and would give her actual advantages as the group progresses to more powerful enemies.

Fluttershy's Stare, liberated from simple emergency use by Iron will, as well as her druid abilities should be equally helpful in crowd control and summoning.

That would finally allow the "useless" members of the mane six to start participating in earnest rather than being lumped into The Load, which would really disappoint me.

Notmally i would be inclined to say Dash's sonic rainboom and rainnuke would make her op if unlocked from their place as last resorts, but as with Pimkie and Fluttershy's normally op powers, war is the great equalizer, and Scarlet is already borderline Marty Stu, so I'd say give Dash all the advantages you can.

As a "normal" earh pony without magic or flight or the fourth wall, this would leave Applejack nearly useless, so slowly removing Truth-realted abilities (shield of truth, Truthsight, living lie detector, dispell charm, dispell illusion, etc) would make the mane six balanced given what they have to deal with out here. It would also mqke them ponies worthy of being calledelements of harmony. Otherwise, the six would just become a troupe of useless, angsty background characters while overpowered oc's took center stage. And that would be quite a tragedy. Regardless, however, i cannot say i don't enjoy the story; in fact, i love the work done so far. It just seems my two favorite ponies are being brushed aside, and i've come to expect much more. Keep up the good work!

Oh... wow.

Wondering what happened to her. Oceanus now coming into play as the Big Bad in this story?

o…kay that was unexpected in so many ways.
Well, not all, I knew Pyre would do anything for Nightmare Moon to be killed.
What I didn't expect was that the elements of Harmony would actually work.
Or the thing that happened at the end... What exactly happened at the end? Why were the physical Elements of Harmony destroyed? Where did Twilight go? Did Oceanus just intervened? Or was it someone else? Or maybe it was Moon Shadow herself using some kind of slip from Pyre's concentration? And who exactly is Moon Shadow? "Master Oceanus, your handmaiden beseeches you!" - doesn't sound too good.
With this chapter, a single action packed chapter we lost Twilight and the elements of Harmony. And the worst part is, now I know the next chapter will take place in Heartland because this is big enough cliffhanger to torture us with for next week or two.

If I'm to guess where twilight is, I think she went to wherever Pyre/Nightmare Moon went.
so now we have a quest to find Twilight
a quest to find Black Rose... who might also want to find Twilight
a quest to figure out what happened to the elements... although I suspect the physical manifestations aren't really that important.
and there will probably be few side quests involving each of the main characters, such as AJ and the past of her family, Pinkie and the creepy earth pony magic thingy, Fluttershy savng Redbrand's soul, RD's race with Scarlet (and potential romance/tragedy afterwards)... and something for Rarity... oh, and Spike... and... oh forget it... it looks like Breaking Point was just a prologue.


red-blowing when Twilight was nuking the gates (like a boss), probably supposed to be red-glowing.

Master Oceanus, your handmaiden beseeches you!

Woah, can't wait to see the backstory that this appears to start introducing. Considering the rebellions prophecy I've been wondering when Oceanus was going to start making his presence known.

341033 Well, Moon Shadow is the name the Wolven gave to Pyre Valor/Nightmare Moon. But I hope Oceanus isn't the Big Bad, at least not yet. We already have one Big Bad in the person of Black Rose. :trixieshiftleft:

I know that Moon Shadow is just wolven name for Nightmare Moon. I'm just curious what she actually is... aside from being Oceanus' follower and an ancient one at that... on a mission for her master.

I think Oceanus summoned Moon-Shadow because of her call, and Twilight happened to be close enough to get caught up in the moment. It's a possibility, at least, and it makes sense. Because of the rush of battle and (supposedly) extreme distance between Oceanus and Moon-Shadow, he may have had to guesstimate his teleportation spell and use a slightly larger area of effect than he wanted to. Even for an alicorn, that would be difficult.

Or, Oceanus's dormancy could be in a spacial warp, partially connected and disconnected from reality, and they were summoned there, which could explain the Elements breaking with one of them being outside of the current reality.

Or you can just ignore me and my sci-fi obsessed mind, I'm probably wrong on both counts. :twilightblush:

Anyway, another epic chapter. Can't wait for the next one. :pinkiehappy:

good thing it was established earlier with AJ that the true elements come from within, not from mere trinkets.

I hate you for making a cliffhanger at this points xD

Nice, a little NMM backstory, and some Twilight & Pyre Valor...bonding?

Also, if NMM has a mortal body somewhere, sounds like an important thing for the legion to know about. I wonder if the royal trio will recognize those names?

so... Moon Shadow is her real name :D

also... Solar Flare? I think. My Latin got a little rusty :p

Well, that was definitely unexpected. Here I was thinking that there will be two more chapters before wee hear from Twilight again and she'll be stranded somewhere far away and she just got teleported few miles away. It's a very fortunate thing too :D

As for Pyre Valor... I have very mixed feelings about her. There's a pretty high chance that she'll be executed but there also is a pretty high chance that something will happen that might spare her life. She might be to valuable with all the knowledge she might have from Nightmare Moon. One thing I'd love to see is Celestia talking with her.
...right.. what happened to Celestia anyways? It's a week or so since Terrato turned her into an earth pony.

Also, Twilight-Pyre ass-kicking duo FTW :D
I wanted to draw a Pyre vs Twilight picture, now I think it will be Twilight and Pyre vs something picture :D

This was a epic chapter. You had me on edge when Twilight found out she was surrounded. I almost thought you were gonna waste her ass. I wouldn't put it past you, no offence, you just seem like the type of author that isn't afraid to let something badass and sad happen for the good of the story! Which isn't a bad thing mind you.

Keep up the good work dude. This is a story like no other, and I can't wait to see more of it.

Hmm. I'm guessing Pyre will be sentenced to death, but she asks to duel Twilight as a last request, so they fight in the courtyard as everypony watches. Then Twilight will win and they make up as she dies, and everypony realizes Pyre wasn't really evil as they all cry over her corpse. Calling it now.

Either that or she gets her head lopped off :twilightsheepish:

Prye could easily play the 'nightmare-moon-made-me-do-it' card but I don't actually see her doing that. I think twilight will ask to duel her and not kill her. Then pyre goes off into the north on a rampage to make up for what she's done.

We've spent a long time seeing Pyre Valor as an antagonist. I'm glad the rest of the characters seem to be having as hard of a time as me adjusting to the "new" Pyre Valor. I wouldn't go so far to say I think she's Good, but perhaps she's... opportunistic? Right now I'd put her at Lawful Neutral or maybe True Neutral, from what little I know. Certainly not Evil or Chaotic.

Lunalux Umbra and Solis Coruscaria. Lunalux I know. That's Moonlight Shadow, the Nightmare Moon. But Sun Shine? He makes me nervous.
How are you interpreting his name? "Solis," according to Google Translate, can mean "the sun" or "the only". And while "coruscaria" means "shining" it also has a daystar connotation to it. So is he "The One and Only Sun Shine"?

I sincerely hope there'll be no Twilight x Pyre romance, which I don't think you'll do, but still.

Found a mistake!

"In the Heartland’s entire history, cutie marks involving the things that the legion did will start appearing."

woah, two in one :D

Celestia is taking her corpse duty better than i expected, but then again, she probably saw enough in her life to deal with it. she is not innocent herself and I keep forgetting about that.

I'm curious how will this experience change her views on the barrier lands and pones who live there.

As for Luna... she has a though job to do, but it's good to know that there is no wide-spread panic in the Heartland after the decree. it doesn't mean there won't be any panic when legionnaires starts appearing and do their thing. It is still an unknown what would be the attitude of barrier land ponies towards the chosen.

We also learned that cutie marks will still appear and that some of the enchantments Celestia made are still in place.

Also, in this chapter you referred to Nightmare Night episode, that Luna visited Ponyville before.

but in chapter 7 of Breaking point you wrote:

True enough, a crowd began to gather around the street. Twilight joined them to get a closer look. She hadn't seen Princess Luna since the defeat of Nightmare Moon. She couldn't help but be a little curious as to how the younger princess was doing. With Spike on her back, she slipped through the crowd to improve her view, making sure that she didn't push rudely against any pony. She managed to get to the front of the crowd in time to see the princess show up.

So you might want to change that somehow.

awesome, im looking forward to seeing how celestia reacts when she hears that twilight disappeared in a giant explosion (panic and anger i presume) only to hear a while later that she is safe and back, the 'a while later' as i think that terrato probably tries to keep her disappearance a secret to celestia (instead she hears about it randomly or something)

Just found this here! Good to know I can keep a good track of it here when I don't go on Equestria Daily.

384716 I may be reading it wrong, but where is the mistake? I can't seem to find it.

Is Vanguard going to stick with one pony(applejack or twilight) or will he be a twit, agonise both and them and force me to find a new favourite charecter in this fic(I really can't say who right now. Compared to Vanguard, the others are a tad not favourite pony material)

Hmm...Interesting. Carry on then. :moustache:

God I love this series...
And an update just before I go to bed, too good.

You know. I have no idea what inspired you to write this. But holy shit man. This story, is one of the coolest things I've ever read. In all seriousness, I dread the day when this comes to it's conclusion. Just know, that even if you don't have hundred's of follower's like ImJustAnotherBrony, or TheGentlemanCreeper, or what have you. The people who do watch you, think you are just as good a writer.

Drama! Angst! Tragedy in the making!
This could get (even more) interesting.

Really love the naming conventions for those drinks ^^

Well, good try Rares, but some ponies don't want to be helped. It was a little unfair though to tell AJ she should step aside simply because she is less scary at the moment.

Don't really have anything to say about Vanguard and Pyre, that conversation went about as expected.

hmm, Vanguard still has feelings for Pyre and she still has feelings back...
so now Applejack knows about the love triangle with her, Vanguard, and Twilight, and she's not stepping aside, Vanguard might know about it, he know's that he has feelings for Twilight, and now with Tailwind being the observant one, he might get that both mares like him
I'm still waiting for a chapter with Spike and Seethe Scale, that should be interesting
as always, can't wait for more!

Brilliant stuff as always.

huzzah for rarity having genre saviness!

*takes a deep breath*

ok so first of all, in my mind the impending execution of probably the biggest traitor of the Legion since the original Black Rose rebellion takes a second place to a certain love triangle that was finally pointed out and addressed after what might as well be half of this epic story.
And it's not because I don't care about Pyre's fate. Also, nobody cares about Blademane <_<.

Drunk Rarity is still the most level-headed pony, although she is at the same time a cold hearted b*** for confronting Applejack about her feelings like that and outright telling her to back off because nothing good will ever come out of this. Which is of course true. Rarity also perfectly pointed out what is my concern about Twilight, who went through a lot and is slowly turning into a ticking time bomb. We know how Twilight acts under pressure and right now I think the only reason she's holding together is that she has a set of goals. However whatever will happen to Pyre (execution being the most probable event in here immediate future) could affect Twilight's well-established priorities. The fact that Applejack will probably confront her about her feelings toward Vanguard won't help too much as well. Add the loss of Elements of Harmony, race between RD and Scarlet (now that the fortress has been retaken there is no way Scarlet will be patient about that) and whatever will Pinkie get involved in... the attractions just keep piling higher and higher.
And that's just our favorite team, we haven't heard from Black Rose since the end of the previous part.

And a random thought at the end: Rarity just increased her chances to steal number one spot from Twilight in this story. I hope she will have more screen time in future chapters :D

Looks like Rarity has her shipping goggles on. :duck:
In all seriousness though, I hope there's no fighting between Applejack and Twilight. Though knowing how stories go, it's probably inevitable.

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