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I have no idea what I am doing, I write, I read and I play games, what more can a guy want while he waits for college to start again?


Equestria, A world of magic and mystery, where the norm is non-existent, the mirror world Haven, like Equestria in everyway except that only Humans are the sapient species, where magic exists but only very few know how to properly use it, and only fewer use it responsibly.

This tale begins when the first Psykeeper, a mental/ gravity mage, breaks the laws to further the progess of magic, is sentenced to death by hanging, but when a strange thunderstorm rolls in and blasts the scaffolding where he was on into oblivion, later waking up in a strange land, this young man now must face what a new world has to throw at him, he has choices, and those choices will shape Equestria for better, and for worse.

Characters will be added as the story progresses.
My First HiE story, and my Second Fanfiction, and this story is taking place at the beginning of Season Two.
Comments and tips are welcomed.

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i liked it, i hope you write more. :D

I actually really enjoyed this now that I finally got around to it. The dark macabre in the beginning is really cool. I would probably predict that the reason this didn't get a whole lot of attention is because it's a classic HiE premise with some magic thrown in.

As far as criticism goes it was relatively perfect except for one thing. I would have to say you stopped at a really bad place. It was a good place to stop the CHAPTER but not the available content. The main character has now been dumped in Equestria (I liked the circumstances around that. It was pretty cool) so now everything you've set up has kind of been thrown out the window. We know who our main character is, but we have no idea what he will do about his new situation. Things can go anywhere from here. That is a bad thing because people don't have enough to judge whether this is a fic they might be interested in from here on.

Sorry for the long comment and I look forward to seeing if this will be something I'd be interested in if you decide to write more.

721482 I actually appreciate your comment, I have been thinking on what to do next, my mind has been occupied with many things as of late, so still trying to get it all sorted out.

I really like this so far, Looking forward to more.

very interesting story and very original, here is 5 moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I really like your story, its well written (leaving aside the few errors) and entertaining. :pinkiehappy:
Looking forward for the next chapters. :twilightsmile:

Interesting story. Also, you'd do well in getting an editor.

Btw, is this something you have created yourself or is it from a game?

971806 I thought of this while drinking some koolaid after a game of Ghost Recon, I get the most random ideas while playing a game for some reason.:derpytongue2:

1096198 Lyra gave him the face that said 'I like you, and I want you, we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, the choice is yours', and he chose the hard way...lets just say that resulted in his ass passing out.

"'find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer find muffin slayer...find a new muffin to replace old muffin. Give new muffin to my little muffin."

gotta love derpy :heart:

you mangnificent basterd you have me reading yet a nother of your storys

2420112 Oh jumping jesus christ on a pogo stick, a person that actually looks at my other stories!

when will the next chapter be out?

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