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I have no idea what I am doing, I write, I read and I play games, what more can a guy want while he waits for college to start again?

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(Was rewritten under orders from a moderator due to the infamous Dropbear incident, said it was a carbon-copy of his work but honestly how many times can you describe something and not have people say you copied them?)

Greetings...outsiders...my name is Skolas, Kell of Kells, the Rabid, the Wolf Kell. But to those that actually know who I am then my name is Ian, scrub lord in the department of game creation and sadly the newest resident to this new land called Equestria...sounds like a strange European band.

And so there I was with my friends from college, we decided after much debating, coin flipping and two rounds of roshambo to go dress up as the characters of the game Destiny. I decided to go as Skolas because one I like the color blue, two cause I like the way he looks and three because I think he is a total badass as my friends either dressed up as their guardians, Omnigul and for some reason that creepy guy that only appears on Fridays that takes your crappy strange coins.

It was during this convention that all five of us went to that something strange happened, with my wallet full of cash from my job I went out to look for a souvenir to bring home, what I was not expecting to see was a small booth with a strange looking merchant. Of course I just had to buy something and seeing how my large cape had a clasp I might as well take the one that looks just like it, strange thing about my new clasp is that it looks like a unicorn's head with wings coming out of it...must be a strange sigil of some kind, eh at least it matches the colors.

Now this would have made my day a whole lot better if it wasn't for the fact that once I put on my new cape clasp and pocketed my wallet did my head started to feel light and everything began to turn blurry before everything went bright and then black. I wake up to find myself in the middle of nowhere with snow going for miles in every single direction.

I hate my life so much sometimes...

Destiny Characters belong to the owners of Destiny.

Rated T-M for Strong Language, Violence, References, Crude Humor and if I feel like making it Rated M, Naughty Times.

Looking for any alternative cover-art if you are interested of hunting for one for me. IF you do find me one that can work then you will get your name placed into each chapter as the man/woman for finding me a new cover.

Crossovers with: None so far

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Erinn, a world that was paradise to many people, even to those that did not know of others that lay across the ocean or even on the same continent. But when threatened by an old enemy that came back with an unrelenting force and overwhelming strength the people called onto the gods for help, one answered their prayers.

The Milletians, children of the stars, were called to save and protect Erinn, but at the cost of their lives instead of those that were born there. One such soul who has been slain many times, only to be tossed back into the fight for the survival of hundreds.

This soul, twisted broken and lost, is all that remains of his kind, the children of the stars, as the betrayl of the gods fills his mind with pain and sorrow. This betrayl only fueled his anger as he was casted off, away from Avon or the world of the uninvited.

His only goal now: To survive.

I am experimenting with this one so light critizim and since my computer is a bit old it has no spell check so bear with me.
All species from the show are anthro-ized, so if you do not like it than do not read it. Plain and Simple.
Humans and Non-Alicorn Ponies=6 feet tall, Gryphons=6.5-7.5 feet tall, Diamond Dogs=5-7 feet tall, Dragons=Depends on Age
I do not own Mabinogi, or any of it's details except for my character.
The Cover Art is not mine, it belongs to Gacrux-Underground from deviantArt.

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Equestria, A world of magic and mystery, where the norm is non-existent, the mirror world Haven, like Equestria in everyway except that only Humans are the sapient species, where magic exists but only very few know how to properly use it, and only fewer use it responsibly.

This tale begins when the first Psykeeper, a mental/ gravity mage, breaks the laws to further the progess of magic, is sentenced to death by hanging, but when a strange thunderstorm rolls in and blasts the scaffolding where he was on into oblivion, later waking up in a strange land, this young man now must face what a new world has to throw at him, he has choices, and those choices will shape Equestria for better, and for worse.

Characters will be added as the story progresses.
My First HiE story, and my Second Fanfiction, and this story is taking place at the beginning of Season Two.
Comments and tips are welcomed.

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Everyone has heard that the Everfree is not the safest place to be in at night, but for one lonely colt, the Everfree is his home and also his playground and school. Being banished to the moon is the worst punishment for anypony, but for a young colt like Nightshade, being banished to live the rest of his life in the Everfree Forest for a show and tell gone wrong, he wished his life was over. But he was wrong when he stumbled upon a crumbling old castle in the center of the forest, and the sweet voices in his head told him otherwise, now he is free, or so he thinks. 10 years later, he still lives in the same forest, in the same castle ruins, but with a new friend, and new companions that instead of trying to eat him, they protect him, a mystery he stopped trying to solve for 5 years, until when a certain young group of fillies get lost in his forest, and a group of ponies and their young dragon follow after them, Nightshade knows everything about that forest, he knows who enters and leaves his sanctum, but he doesn't know how much the outside world has changed, for the better and for the worst, his life will change, with vengeance and tears. His heart has already been turned to stone ever since his banishment, but can they heal his shattered heart, or will they end up fueling the fire of retribution without knowing it?

This Story takes from the beginning of the show going onwards.

My first fanfic, if it sucks just say it, if it doesn't than woot! I made something that popped in my head after a long thought while bored out of my mind.

I am back in business.

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