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This story is a sequel to Acceptance

Taking place just a few weeks after Acceptance.

The past should not be forgotten, nor should it blind us to what the future may hold. With the new change in statuesque between ponies and their new changeling neighbors, the past may be the answer to help set an understanding.
But not all is as it seems, as some parts of the past, may hold answers to things others may not wish to see.
The truth may not always be pleasant to hear, but it is necessary if you wish to know what real goes on.

You have waited... and waited... and waited a little more.
For those that know, wait no longer. For the second act has finally arrived!
No guaranties it will be better than the first act: Acceptance, but I will do what I can.

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Glorious. I love you for this (platonically).

Also, I noticed more than a few spelling errors, and some cases where you used the wrong homophones. Captain is spelled like I said it, not 'caption', Shining has one 'n' between the 'i's, and you need to make sure you use you're and your correctly.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

great chapter as always

Well, I guess I'll get to work once more after being inactive for a few months.
Good to be back, and I look forward to more of these correction messages. Though I thought I spelt it right...
Eh, I'll just go and fix it.

Every thing is great overall some spelling errors here and there

Looking forward to this story though you may want to invest in a proofreader. On a semi-related note, your story description:

and their new channeling neighbors,

The neighbors be channeling, ya know?

I'll turn that into Changeling. And I'll see about locating a new proofreader/editor. No promises though, I seem to have bad luck getting any.

5442278 I'm not a particularly wonderful proofreader though I am generally pretty good at picking out spelling mistakes. I'll go through when I get a chance and point out any I may find. Just don't ask me about punctuation...fucking commas. Commas everywhere.

Any help will be appreciated. If you do this, you'll have my thanks at the vary least.

Hell yes, new chapter.

new chapter yay

amazing chapter as always
keep up the good work

New chapter. Hell. Yes.

Ahhh I didn't know you had done a sequel to acceptance I would have started reading this earlier!!!! thx :)

Solid chapter, though I think I was hoping to see what Masq has planned. Ah well; til next time.

Solid so far but I would like to see what happened to the CMC but that will have to wait

Appelblom should have been able to make a better kart given that her cutie mark is construction it would make more sense if the kart has been made by Scootaloo instead.

Wait... Since when did either Scootaloo or Apple Bloom have a cutie mark?:rainbowhuh:
I haven't done that...have I?:rainbowderp:
Must re-reaed older chapters of prequel for further conformations I did not make a plot error.
:twilightsmile: Unless your just trying to trip me up, hmmm?

Nice chapter there where only a few spelling errors where you forget a letter or two and a few grammar

Hm...wonder where Masq fits into this whole scenario.

Damn. Masq is smooth.

This was a fun chapter, though there are a few things that could stand be changed.

No way this will go awol!

This for example - awol [absent without official leave] doesn't really work here. Perhaps FUBAR [google it if you don't know lol] would be better.

Nothing major, but a few minor things that would make it better.

All in all, it was a lot of fun as-is and I look forwards to the next chapter.


~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Good chapter, glad to see it going again, but it looks like it could really use an editing/spelling pass.... mouton... privet.... several others.

But seriously, I am what amounts to his best (and only) pre-reader.

Also, PM me the next chapter to pre-read when you are ready,

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Because this chapter is sexy too,,,

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

DAMN he's slick >.< Mostly.

Damn, I forgot to post my obligatory comment over how I pre-read or that the chapter is sexy or some other third thing...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Nice crystal is doing a great job as a pre-reader

Other than a few missing "e" in see, very good chapter. I think when you said nether, you meant neither. :twilightsmile:

I would say I can't wait for more, but I am going to pre-read the next chapter soon, so yeah... :twilightsheepish:

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Nice so the next chapter will be mask and ven talking it out with the Princesses

Good chapter is good.

Excellent warm fuzzies and cuteness... with maybe a side order of foreshadowing? Looking forward to more!

Good chapter but a lot of typos?

Nice chapter although I had hoped for a chapter with mask and the mane 6

5707952 I'm mostly in line with this comment myself.

I understand the need for this chapter and it's content though, so good on ya'.

She was able to figure out where she was after spotting the nearby restraint, which Masquerade was leading her towards.


Putting up his own grin, Mask challenged, “And how far are you willing to go to test my patients?”

Doctor Mask!

...Sorry, I had to poke a little fun.

5745977 This was bound to happen at some point in time. Initiating spell correction now.
And I don't mind you poking fun. I found what you pointed out funny too.

Fiend: an evil spirit or demon. Friend:a person whom one knows and has a bond of mutual affection.

What few were there were either with fiends or family, others just lazed about and eating heir meals.

May I have a "T" and "R", Vanna White?
:twilightblush: :scootangel: Sorry, those just stood out to me.

5748462 And this is why I usually have a editor to help. I miss these title things now and then.

Ahahaha! The tea! And I hope that stallion's ass is turned into hamburger meat, with sandpaper.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Almost every instance of friends was spelled fiends.

Cinder Lock, ya' done goofed. Bad.

5786772 I was going to point that out too. Friend and fiend have very different meanings. The other thing was trough is missing and 'h' and who is Taillight? I think you meant Twilight. Finally, there were some 'form' that should be from. :twilightsheepish: Other than those, great chapter Riddle.

If there was ever a stallion in Equestria to truly become one with the suck, it's him.

Hm...intriguing. Wonder what will come of this whole Cinder bit. I've a feeling that whatever happens it will hurt the changeling reputation.

I have the feeling it was aimed to hurt the changeling reputation.

Think about it: A changeling disguised as Cinder tries to rape rarity just a day before she is visited by roma, a changeling known for her temper. Roma murders Cinder and suddenly proof appears that he was in manhattan ruining the changelings reputation.
And another clan that is against the new pony-changeling relationship successfully destroyed it.

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