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I'm sure some of you have heard the story. you get an adorible pet that is smart, and sings from time to time. its sweet and loving, playing with you in a shy way.
but remember, there are three rules you must fallow.

Rule 1: Dont expose it to bright light.
Rule 2: Dont get it wet.
Rule 3: never, ever, no matter what, feed it after midnight.

And now, one of these little creatures has been sent to Ponyville. what could go wrong with such a adorible little critter?

this story will be horror based, and should be noted i havent done much of those. the begining might be a tad slow, as a quick warning.
Gremlins go to there respective owners at Wanner Brothers.

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I loved gremlins as a child, seen all 3 movies of it, time to read!

1334548 There were only two Gremlins movies.

4902753 Unfortunately, only two...
:raritycry: Why they no make third!

This was the first time for her to see something like this. It was different, and wasn’t like anything she’s seen before.

We don't really need sentences like these ones, especially since it's highlighted in the next one.

The reason for her not wanting to bring him along was that it was scheduled to rain a bit latter and she could accidentally drop the bag and expose him to the sun. today wasn’t a good day to bring him to Twilight yet. And there was also the fact he would take up all the room in the bag, leavening not enough for her GROCERIES.
There was also another thing. Today, of all day, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were to come and spend the night. Rarity had a huge order to fill and the older Apples siblings had extra work. Normally Granny Smith would watch them, but she was attending some Senior Club thing that was going on in town.

Show, don't tell. Otherwise, cut these paragraphs altogether.

Spelling; punctuation; Work on them!

There is going to be a reboot coming.

Nice that somebody decided to give clarification on the 'no eating after midnight' rule.

I'd bet on Discord.

Let the chaos begin........

You know, that song could also work with the parasprite infestation and the rampage of the Pinkie Pie clones.

I say it was Discord

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