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One thousand years ago, a girl named Violet (renamed Chaos Jenny), was killed...

Wait, I'm not done!

She lost her friends, and decided to honor their memory by completing a promise to go to Comic-Con as Chaos Jenny. But as she was going, a mushroom cloud forced her to make a deal, and now lives in Equestia.

She was later killed by Celestia and Luna, but A.I.'s never truly die.

Present day, the CMC stumble in on a secret base of a long forgotten foe. What will happen to Equestria when this metal demon repairs herself? Will they be ok? And will the Elements be able to stop her?

All this demon has is a living toy named Robotboy.

Cole Light was a star student. His world was destroyed, and was taken to present day Equestria as the person he dressed as.

Evil Cole from inFAMOUS 2.

Will the Lightning Demon named Cole help Chaos? Or will he fight her.


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this is going to be insane!!!:rainbowwild: P.S FIRST!!

the epicness go's on!:rainbowdetermined2:

6066944 Bro, you commented on the second chapter before the first!:rainbowlaugh:

I like it... No, I love it.
It's simply awesome.

Five staches out of five staches

6066999 is rainbow in that profile picture of yours?

Because I would choose her

6067464 Talk on my profile about that, and yes... she's behind Twi.

6067473 this is what my answer to your profile picture is. " puts applejack into the basket and pick up the basket." You never said wiche one to pick.

6067640 I picked Pinkie, someone else picked Fluttershy, the last person chose Dashie, and you chose AJ... Rarity if a loser!

“Oh goodness, look everyone LOOK! A guy who picks on new kids just cuz’ they’ve got problems! He’s so cool amiright!?”

“Well guy I got multiple problems here, Number One: Yo face! Number Two: Your attitude! Number Three: YER A JACKASS!”

I just noticed that a bit got cut there

6067658 i didn't pick applejack, i picked up the basket with all of them in it.

Awesome story. Can't wait to see where this goes.

6067725 im the best because i beet the system and you know, got to catch them all.

6067755 Yeah... Next up! seven ponies! Derpy, Vinyl, Octavia, Lyra, Bon Bon, Celestia, or Luna. 1 pony. No basket. No beating the system, because it has feelings!

6067808 that can die with a shotgun and a shovel

6067814 I like flamethrowers personally. More painful.

Can't really find any info on 'Chaos Jenny' so I'm gonna guess she a fandom OC
But I did find an awesome AMV while looking :pinkiehappy:

6068359 Yeah, she is. If people would read my notes, they would know!

6068551 Comment was made in Ch.1 so I didn't see the Ch.2 notes then,but awesome story so far can't wait to see what happens next :pinkiehappy:

Poor girl and Celestia is being a racist bitch

6070751 Yeah... baby t if you saw Chaos, you'd do the same... maybe...

6070931 But still attacking someone just because of how they look is still Racist and Chaos Jenny will get her rightful revenge. ^^

6070945 Yeah, and maybe Cole will help! But then Chaos Jenny would have to fight a country... she can do it! Like the real XJ-9, she's got the strength on a billion and seventy men. Hopefully it doesn't rain...

And with any luck. She will find a token of Displace that will help her.

Yeah that would irony I think because Chaos Jenny they are dead.

6071145 No... I think she doesn't want to see them anymore, what with her thinking herself a demon.

She will get along with Megatron very nicey.

6071184 Huh... I do think so... I love that story...

This is interesting, but there are some problems. THE biggest one in particular is the lack of detail; I don't know what the school looks like at all. For all I know, it could be purple with an internal color scheme that makes it look like the large intestine within the human body. What does the school look like? Are there lockers? Are there wallpapers? Is there a dragon with a rainbow shooting out its ass? I can't tell! Also, another set of problems are the POV shifts. DON'T SAY THAT THE PERSPECTIVES SHIFT IN BOLD LETTERING. IT KILLS THE ATMOSPHERE AND REMOVES THE READER FROM THE STORY. It's better to have a page break than do that. To do a page break, get a [, then put hr between it and another ]. Therefore, you get this:


That's much smoother! Also, after this, say who's thinking if we switched to a character's perspective. It's much more appealing than randomly switching to first person in a story that starts in the third person.

Overall, the story is okay. You just have to fix some stuff, maybe get a proofreader, and then it'll be good.

Awesome chapter. Something tell's me Celestia and Luna are about to learn the hard way why you don't piss someone like Chaos Jenny off.

I'm still not sure who this is..

6149582 Basically an evil version of JX9 made to destroy instead protect... or maybe it just JX9 gone bad? :trixieshiftright:

6149909 XJ9 found a "Chaos Crystal" and went insane.

6867462 I'm trying, but... I've got other stuff.

7943701 Damn i was hoping to see where this one would go.:fluttercry:

7943710 I know... Should cancel this soon though.

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